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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


Cartoon Donald Trump Crashes Cartoon Late Show Special

Cartoon Donald Trump Crashes Cartoon Late Show Special


It was a very special animated episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbertincluding Stephen’s answers to audience’s Trump-related questions and a visit from Cartoon Donald Trump!

Stephen Colbert deserves a holiday break like everyone else, don’t you agree? For this recent (and American) Thanksgiving, Colbert forced many animators weeks ago to work days and days of overtime so that he could have one extra day off from the grind. So, unlike every other episode of The Late Show, this one isn’t actually live on tape – only the very best animators are capableof animating live, so they went the easy route.

Seeing Stephen Colbert and Jon Batiste in full-on cartoon form is exciting – and don’t they look amazing and… natural? Well, this isn’t Colbert’s first experience with animation. He’s got a long list of voice acting credits, including roles in BoJack Horseman, The Venture Bros., Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law and Saturday Night Live’s TV Funhouse, as Ace of the Ambiguously Gay Duo, opposite to Steve Carell’s Gary.

As you see Cartoon Stephen is experienced, so when the unpredictable, slapstick, orange-skinned caricature of a President, Donald Trump, had a Cartoon version of himself show up during Stephen Colbert’s Cartoon desk segment, Cartoon Stephen was well prepared.

In between all the cartoon parts, this episode, instead of featuring the brightest and most talented Hollywood has to offer, showed behind the scenes footage of The Late ShowSpecifically, the pre-show Q&A sessions Colbert has with the audience, a Late Show tradition put into place by David Letterman. And, of course, despite an obvious Trump-glazed main course, the audience still wanted some Trump bites as an appetizer.

You saw it on The Late Show first, folks – a mostly animated late night talk show. This has never been done before, except one very significant instance involving that hack, washed-up excuse for a superhero Space Ghost (and several other equally as notable instances). But all those aside, could the be the start of a new era of fully animated talk show hosts?

Probably not. But the dream of one day watching Daffy Duck interview Gary Busey lives!

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