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Survivor Winners at War: Pre-Season Report Card

Survivor Winners at War: Pre-Season Report Card


John Powell –

Poor Sandra Diaz-Twine. For 10 years she has been the official Survivor monarch as the only player to ever win twice. Unless she pulls off a hat trick this season of returning winners she will have to share that crown.

We’ve seen the competition play before. We know their strengths and their weaknesses. Without having viewed a single episode, here are our pre-season ratings for all of the returning winners. Survivor: Winners at War premieres tonight at 8:00 PM ET on Global TV.

Grade: F

Natalie Anderson

Natalie has a great social game, however, she is not one to hold her opinions back or bite her tongue. Her fellow tribemates may see her as a loose cannon based on her gameplay on Survivor: San Juan del Sur. She is the type of player who is capable of causing more damage and chaos the longer you leave her in the game.

Rob Mariano

Just like Tony, Rob is a double-edged sword in the game of Survivor. If he is an ally he can carry you forward and serve as a shield. If he is against you though he can be a very turbulent player. He is not on the same tribe as his wife but because of their connection you can be sure they will not be permitted to make it to the merge.

Amber Mariano

She will probably do a bit better than her hubby as when it comes down to it she is not the gaming threat he is. Blood is thicker than water though. She is sure to be in everyone’s cross-hairs once they realize Boston Rob is waiting to play the game with her again as a couple.

Sandra Diaz-Twine

Sad to say but the odds of the Queen being a three-time winner are few and far-between. It is likely that by the end of this season she will be sharing the title. What will also work against her and Rob is if anyone discovers they were coaches on the previous season which brought them a pretty decent payday.

Ben Driebergen

Ben’s Survivor resume is going to work against him in Winners at War. All of those challenge wins and idol finds are likely to make him a massive target right from the start of the game as will his iron-handed gameplay in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Anthony (Tony) Vlachos

Unless he is part of a domineering alliance or waves a Men in Black Neuralyzer around camp we cannot see any former winner allowing Tony to progress in the game. The risk certainly far outweighs the reward based on how he weaseled his way through the game during Survivor: Cagayan and it is important to note that he was voted out second on Game Changers.

Adam Klein

He is a recent winner. That fact will work against him. He is a double-threat, being an accomplished social and strategic player.

Grade C

Sarah Lacina

There is no doubt that Sarah pulled some sneaky Survivor shenanigans during Game Changers. It is hard to look past that when two million dollars is on the line and trust is even more valuable than ever.

Parvati Shallow

She is one of the best players to ever step foot on the island. The problem is everyone knows that. She is a gigantic target right out of the gate.

Jeremy Collins

Another great big old Survivor target as he scored every single jury vote in Cambodia. He is the complete Survivor package. That’s why he has to go sooner rather than later.

Yul Kwon

Speaking of complete packages, there’s the Survivor: Cook Islands winner, Yul. He checks all of the Outwit, Outlast, Outplay boxes which makes him a triple threat.

Denise Stapley

Strategy. Strategy. Strategy. That’s Denise Stapley’s Survivor calling card. One gets the feeling she might play too hard, too fast.

Grade B

Wendell Holland

He won by the skin of his teeth last time. Winning by only one vote he certainly has something to prove over the other castaways. He is gonna scratch and claw like a wolverine but it might not be enough.

Sophie Georgina Clarke

She isn’t the strongest player among the winners which is why she will probably be underestimated. It has been nine years since she took home the Survivor: South Pacific crown. She has grown, matured and will probably be a more focused threat.

Tyson Apostol

He is a Survivor chameleon with the ability to shift and evolve his gameplay since he stumbled out to play on Survivor: Tocantins. The chink in his armour is he is more of a snake than a faithful guide dog.

Grade A

Michele Fitzgerald

Another triple threat winner, Michele is another all-around versatile player. One has to remember though she is tied with Natalie with the most challenge wins by a female player. She’s a very dangerous and very capable player in every regard.

Danni Boatwright

Beating Stephenie LaGrossa was no small feat. She exudes trust and faith while also being adept at winning challenges and influencing people.

Ethan Zohn

It is time for Ethan to really let loose. In All-Stars he lasted longer than any of the previous winners and chances are he may do the same here if he is willing, for good or for bad, do what it takes to win again.

Kim Spradlin-Wolfe

She has got it all. Kim’s a natural leader, a challenge beast and a devious schemer. She is going to be hard to beat.

Nick Wilson

Nick like the greatest of the Survivor players knows when to bid his time and when to strike. His keen sense of tribal politics, people and timing could make the difference.

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