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Survivor: Ghost Island Scoop – Week 10 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments

Survivor: Ghost Island Scoop – Week 10 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments


John Powell –

Genius Survivor moves don’t have to be bombastic. In fact many of the most memorable and strongest moves have been ones that are subtle but have a massive impact.

Although it didn’t stop him from being voted out, Michael Yerger’s Hail Mary move to claim to have a hidden immunity idol may have not been the most flamboyant of strategies but it sure rocked the tribal politics. It easily rattled Kellyn Bechtold and that had a ripple effect throughout the entire Naviti Alliance forcing them to question themselves, their perceptions and their decisions.

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And that Michael? He is one of the best competitors to ever play the game, especially when it comes to strategy. He has fought hard with the wisdom and experience of someone twice his age. He needs to and should return to play again. It would be fascinating to see how successful he and a strong alliance could be.

Survivor Scoop – Week 10: Top Moments

This week’s Top Survivor: Ghost Island Moments are…

Moment # 5: Donathan and Michael’s Idol Chat


Moment # 4: Michael Cons Kellyn


Moment # 3: Dom Lays An Idol Trap


Moment # 2: The Double Tribal Council Twist


Moment # 1: Double The Drama At Tribal Council


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Week 10: Game Fail – Jenna Bowman and Michael Yerger


It is like night and day. Michael and Jenna Bowman’s gameplay couldn’t be more different. Michael was a constant threat, having to think quickly on his feet to survive. Jenna was just kinda there, one of many Survivors until the countdown on her stay on the island began.

Strategic Gameplay


Michael was a power player from the very start when he lied about his age knowing the assumptions that might come from that information becoming public on the island. He not only found an idol but put doubt in people’s minds by claiming it was a double hidden immunity idol, although he should have played it for himself. Michael pleaded with power players, found an idol, he begged for idols and tried to sway people over to his side and against their own allies. He was certainly one of the most resourceful players we have ever seen.

Besides flirting with Sebastian Noel and trying to coerce Donathan Hurley to give her his idol, we didn’t see Jenna make any notable moves.

Michael Rating: 5 / 5
Jenna Rating: 2 / 5

Social Gameplay


Both players had their fair share of allies and friends. The only difference is Michael’s seemed to net far more castaways.

Michael Rating: 3 / 5
Jenna Rating: 2 / 5

Entertainment Value


Sorry to say but Jenna made no impact on this season. The spotlight was only on her twice and we learned nothing about her. Michael was the ever quick-witted target, a real pleasure to watch play the game.

Michael Rating: 5 / 5
Jenna Rating: 2 / 5

Michael Final Castaway Rating: 13 / 15
Jenna Final Castaway Rating: 6 / 15

Week 10: Powell’s Picks

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.


Bronze Amateur: Double Tribal Council

I do like the twist but it seems unfair to introduce it at this point in the game.


Silver Amateur: Kellyn Bechtold

Her paranoia and emotional gameplay will assuredly devalue her stock in the game, especially with Domenick Abbate.


Gold Amateur: Jenna Bowman

Her game never seemed to get off the ground.


Bronze MVP: Donathan Hurley

He held firm against social pressure keeping the idol for himself. It is good to see Donathan finally putting his own best interest first as he should in Survivor.

Silver MVP: Wendell Holland

Faced with an upheaval in the alliance, Wendell Holland stayed the course.


Gold MVP: Michael Yerger

Sure, he ended up going home. Michael still went out fighting pulling every possible trick he could. He played a fantastic game.

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