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Survivor: Game Changers Awards – Part Two

Survivor: Game Changers Awards – Part Two


By John Powell –

Who will fall and who will win it all? As the finale looms ever closer we present Part Two of our Survivor: Game Changers awards. And the winners are…

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Most Surprising Moment Award

Winner: Jeff Varner Outs Zeke.

Although he has made some shady moves in the past, nobody expected Varner to employ that strategy at Tribal Council.

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The Rumble in the Jungle Award

The most heated confrontation during the season.

Winners: Jeff Varner and Zeke.

Although they didn’t go at it tooth and nail, Varner and Zeke’s confrontation was the most dramatic of the entire season as it took things well beyond the game of Survivor.

The Twila Tanner Award

Given to the player who made the biggest or most crucial move during the season.

Winner: Sarah Lacina.

It wasn’t any one move but Sarah’s entire strategy of making the right move at the right time has earned her this award.

Best Showmance

Winners: Cirie Fields and Michaela Bradshaw.

Since there was much at all in the terms of showmances this season we are going with the endearing mentor and student bond that Cirie and Michaela shared.

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The Dawn’s Dentures Award

Awarded to the most cringe-worthy moment of the season.

Winner: Jeff Varner Attacks Zeke.

Although it did end on a note of caring triumphing over malice, it was so painful to watch unfold.

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The Professor Charles Xavier Award

Awarded to the most evolved Survivor.

Winners: Brad Culpepper, Sarah Lacina and Andrea Boehlke.

All three evolved their games well beyond what they did during their first season. Win or lose, a fantastic effort by all three.

You’ll Never Forget Them Award

Awarded to the Survivor some just love to hate.

Winner: Sandra Diaz-Twine.

Whether you love her or you hate her, Sandra always influences the game and the drama.

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The MVP Award

Winner: Brad Culpepper and Andrea Boehlke.

The most well-rounded and strongest players of the season, Brad and Andrea were solid competitors.

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