Survivor Recap: Season 38, Episode 10 - Winners, Losers, Top Moments
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Survivor: Edge of Extinction Scoop – Week 10 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments

Survivor: Edge of Extinction Scoop – Week 10 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments

Survivor Week 10 Recap: Winners, Losers, Top Moments | Season 38: Edge of Extinction


John Powell –

Well, he did give himself the nickname of “Wardog” on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. What did he expect was going to happen? It was an almost a self-fulling prophecy for Wardog as that kind of tag or label is sure to draw lots of attention and perhaps lots of votes sooner or later.

With only three episodes left in the season it was later for Wardog but strutting around the island as a godfather talking down to people is a sure way to make sure you will eventually be sleeping with the fishes. The fact that the decision was unanimous speaks volumes about Wardog’s gameplay.

The jury’s celebratory reaction to Wardog’s boot at Tribal Council was another in a long line of strange occurrences with this season’s jury. While smiles, laughter and the occasional knee slaps have been the norm most seasons, this jury has spoken aloud quite often and reveled in the happenings at Tribal Council more than any other jury in recent memory.

Nobody expects the Survivor jury to be hard-hearted or passionless as they still have an emotional investment in the game. Carrying on to such a degree and making public statements that the players might be able to hear though is not how the jury should act. Just as the remaining players are not supposed to directly address the jury until the final Tribal Council on the island so too should the jury maintain some tact so that the players cannot get any clues from their words or reactions.

Just as he has been many times this season Rick Devens was left out of the loop when everyone else decided they had enough of Wardog and his nonsense. Based on the tribal politics it looks like Devens better keep winning those Immunity Idols if he wants to stay in the game.

Survivor Scoop – Week 10: Top Moments

This week’s Top Survivor: Edge of Extinction Moments are…

Moment # 5: Gavin is Furious with Wardog
Moment # 4: Devens’ Julius Caesar Speech at Tribal Council
Moment # 3: Aurora and Ron Argue Over Rice
Moment # 2: Reem Rips into Wentworth.
Moment # 1: Fun in the Mud

Next time on Survivor…

Week 9: Dan “Wardog” DaSilva


Unless you have the numbers to back you up being condescending and bossy in the game of Survivor never goes over well. Wardog let his quest to be the ultimate power player dominate his game to the point that he had no regard for those he thought were just his puppets. Those puppets cut their strings and then in turn cut his throat.

Strategic Gameplay


You wouldn’t think it based on the way he carries himself but Wardog is a decent mastermind although what he lacked were any next steps in his plans. He didn’t think things through. He just dealt with the fallout later on which is always a risky way to play Survivor.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Social Gameplay


The more he gained control over the tribe the more he disregarded those numbers that he needed to pull of any of his plans. A mutiny was inevitable.

Rating: 2 / 5

Entertainment Value


The fact that Wardog was so full of himself and so overbearing made his fall from grace even more gratifying. Every series has to have a villain and Wardog played the role well, whether he knew it or not.

Rating: 4 / 5

Final Castaway Rating: 9.5 / 15

Week 10: Powell’s Picks

Who played it cool and who proved themselves to be a fool? Every week John Powell makes his picks for the worst and best players of the week.


Bronze Amateur: Julie Rosenberg
She was too quick to forgive Ron Clark. She doesn’t seem to be guiding her own fate which should be a priority at this stage of the game.


Silver Amateur: Rick Devens

If he didn’t win immunity, he was probably gone. He is on the hit list and he was left out of the vote.


Gold Amateur: Dan “Wardog” DaSilva

The minions revolted.


Bronze MVP: Gavin Whitson

He worked hard to turn the tide.


Silver MVP:
Aurora McCreary

She continues to smartly pilot her course to the finale without much of a support system at her side.


Gold MVP: Ron Clark

He not only patched things up with Julie but he also made a bold move in cutting Wardog.

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