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Simone Nguyen Reveals Ali Elliott, Patrick Bolton’s Survivor Secret

Simone Nguyen Reveals Ali Elliott, Patrick Bolton’s Survivor Secret


By: John Powell –

Simone Nguyen was a true fish out of water on this season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Not being an athlete or an outdoorsy person severely hurt her chances at the Hustlers Tribe. What Simone knew and viewers didn’t is there was another factor at play as to why the tribe voted her out over class clown, Patrick Bolton.

“I think the fact that Ali [Elliott] and Patrick went to college together and were neighbours made a difference. There were other factors though. Compared to the other two tribes, we were the Bad News Bears. We had so many visibly weaker people on our tribe. I was expendable but Patrick was a tough guy,” she said, explaining that Patrick even helped Ali move into her apartment during their college days.

“I plan on gutting another fish but you aren’t going to get me to go camping unless you invite me back for Survivor.”

Look back though, Simone blames her demise on the fact she didn’t click with her tribe.

“People perceived me as this really weak person. I also didn’t visibly add anything to the challenges so people probably felt like I was dead weight at that time. Knowing I am not a physical player is that I had to promise people loyalty. That is the only thing I had to offer as I wasn’t gelling with people,” she admitted, although she says viewers had no idea what it was like living with Patrick on the island and why he irritated so many people.

John Powell: Tell us, how bad was Patrick to live with?

Simone Nguyen: “You don’t even know the half of it. He was waking everyone up by howling in the middle of the night. He was dancing in front of the cameras. He was looking straight into the camera like he was on The Office. It was insane. I really thought that I had a chance but to be completely honest, I just didn’t fit in.”

John Powell: We saw Ali say she was stringing you along. What was your reaction to that revelation when you saw it last night?

Simone Nguyen: “That was my strategy. I knew how I looked. I knew how I was perceived. I know that young women who look like me, talk like me, people are going to perceive us in a certain way. If you want to drag me to the end, drag away. I want to make it to the end by any means necessary. I don’t care if you think I am a wimp, I will still vote you out.”

John Powell: What do you wish they would have shown more of when it comes to your edit?

Simone Nguyen: “I did so much work around camp. When I was feeling miserable, I was feeling miserable but I did more work than Ryan [Ulrich]. I cannot be upset because the edit shows exactly how it was. I was an outsider and I was struggling more than other people.”

John Powell: Looking back, do you wish you could have switched tribes?

Simone Nguyen: (Laughs) “Oh, my god. Have you seen the Healers Tribe and the abs on that tribe? I didn’t know they made people like that.” (Laughs)

John Powell: As we all saw, you really pushed yourself out there? Are your proud of how you handled the experience and the hardships?

Simone Nguyen: “I was proud that I was out there but obviously wish I could have done better. I will always be thankful to Survivor for giving me the chance to be brave. I plan on gutting another fish but you aren’t going to get me to go camping unless you invite me back for Survivor.” (Laughs)

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