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Survivor 34: Rating the Returnees – Part 2: Making the Merger Predictions

Survivor 34: Rating the Returnees – Part 2: Making the Merger Predictions


By John Powell –

It’s the dream of every Survivor castaway to win the game but making the merger is the next best thing. For the following Survivor: Game Changers castaways, we are predicting that it will be a case of so close but yet so far. Here are the game changers that we feel will make the merger this season.

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13. Sierra Thomas

A safe, congenial player who will fall into people’s good graces and that should carry her to the merger.

12. J.T. Thomas

After the merger, he will be a liability for sure. He has dominated challenges in the past and his endearing personality make him a social threat too. He will probably be used by other players to ensure they get to the merger and then will be cut quickly thereafter.

11. Ozzy Lusth

In exactly the same boat as J.T. is. He cannot be allowed to compete for Individual Immunity or make it to the Final Tribal Council. In his three seasons of Survivor he has won a ton of challenges and is one of the most popular players ever cast. He has to be cut at the merger.

10. Jeff Varner

He may be one of Survivor’s most devious plotters but his silver tongue has also placated a lot of personalities. Although he might be cut earlier due to his reputation, we say he goes a tad bit beyond the merger when he is seen for the scheming threat he is.

9. Troyzan Robertson

Say what you want about Troyzan, he is a fighter and a scrapper. We predict he will be one of the dark horses of this season doing far better than anyone thought he might.

8. Aubry Bracco

During Survivor: Kaôh Rōng she evolved to take her place as one of the masterminds of her season, despite making blunders here and there. With a second chance Aubry will probably be more focused than before and play a stronger game.

7. Malcolm Freberg

Based on his past finishes, you cannot bet against Malcolm. He is the complete Survivor package, if he can just take his strategic game to the next level. With Individual Immunity meaning so much at this point in the game, he is surely going to be on everyone’s hit list no matter how nice a guy he is.

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