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Survivor 34: Rating the Returnees – Part 1: Early Boot Predictions

Survivor 34: Rating the Returnees – Part 1: Early Boot Predictions


By John Powell –

20 Survivor castaways are back to outwit, outplay and outlast the others once again. Will they be haunted by their past? Have they learned from their mistakes or are they doomed to repeat them? Here are our picks for those Survivor: Game Changers castaways that we think won’t make the merger this time around.

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20. Caleb Reynolds

If you follow the Survivor rumour mill, you know why Caleb is where he is on this list. The gossip could be true, it might not be true. You will have to be the judge.

19. Debbie Wanner

What can be said about Debbie that hasn’t already been said? She dances to the beat of her own drummer and once she has her mind made up, she is not easily convinced otherwise. She is a chaotic wild card and a controlling personality. That’s a double mark against her in Survivor.

18. Tony Vlachos

After the way he played last time, anyone would have to be incredibly stupid to keep Tony in the game for any great length of time. He spied on others and worst of all, constantly betrayed his own allies. If he makes the merger, it will only be with the grace of the Survivor gods.

17. Ciera Eastin

She is wily. She is intelligent. She is clever. These are all the reasons she cannot be trusted and will probably be taken out of the game early on. She also has a reputation of not keeping her cards close to her chest and is easily goaded into confrontations. That doesn’t help matters.

16. Andrea Boehlke

Andrea is not only a threat when it comes to challenges – just look at her Survivor: Redemption Island stats – but her strategic game is also devious too. Just like Ciera, she has had loyalty issues in the past and those will come back to haunt her this season.

15. Zeke Smith

Although I really want this kid to do well, I don’t think he will. Being a hard-core strategist and his time on Survivor being fresh in people’s minds, the other players will probably be reluctant to give him any time to work his magic on the others.

14. Hali Ford

Based on her appearance on Survivor: Worlds Apart, Hali is somewhat of an X factor. There isn’t a strong case for her either way. She could easily be a power player or she could coast on by based on her likability. For these reasons, she is in the middle of our list.

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