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SNL: Jason Bateman Gets Meta Playing Morgan Wallen Opposite Morgan Wallen

SNL: Jason Bateman Gets Meta Playing Morgan Wallen Opposite Morgan Wallen


Saturday Night Live returns with host Jason Bateman, and re-invitee Morgan Wallen!

Morgan Wallen’s Big Blunder

Back in October, Morgan Wallen was set to be the musical guest on the Bill Burr-hosted episode of SNL. That changed really quickly when a video surfaced online of Wallen at a party, not taking proper COVID-19 precautionary measures. He was uninvited to perform – Jack White filled in last-minute.

But to show they’re good sports, SNL invited him back! And to show that he’s an even better sport, Morgan Wallen agreed to be in a sketch about that incident. It takes place at the offending party. And future Morgan Wallen (host Jason Bateman – whose voice always sounds tired – what’s up with that?) shows up to warn Wallen of the possible dangers and implications of being at that party during a pandemic.

Wallen was very humble about his unvitation back in October. And Saturday Night Live is pretty swell to give him a second chance. It’s quite endearing to see the two parties be amicable over what could have ended up being a volatile situation!

The Countdown on Trump Jokes Continues

Buckle up, political comedy fans. The Trump saga is almost over. This is generally a good thing for the world. But it means that as he quickly falls out of relevance, so will jokes about him. And yeah, “we’re all a bit sick of Trump jokes”. Sure. But, are we really? He’s just so mockable. And now, that he soon won’t have any real power to do his damage, the jokes seem to lack the morbidity they used to have. There’s no(t as much) guilt about laughing about Trump, because there will be fewer and fewer victims of Trump. He’s done damage, and his legacy will continue to be damaging, but he’s peaked. So, it’s time to ridicule away.

And that’s what Colin Jost and Michael Che did on Weekend Update, because that’s what they do best.

Tune in next weekend for a brand new episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Timothée Chalamet and with musical guest Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band!

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