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SNL: Emma Stone hosts, Michael Keaton guests as Julian Assange

SNL: Emma Stone hosts, Michael Keaton guests as Julian Assange


This weekend on Saturday Night Live, Emma Stone again hosted another great episode, and Michael Keaton had a cameo as Julian Assange!

What a great episode Emma Stone presented! She was on-point and the sketches were fresh, between her role as anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy on The View, and the instant classic, delightfully out-there sketch in which she plays an aspiring actress trying to find the essence of her cheated-on character in a gay pornographic film. But most importantly of all, Stone gets her first-ever recurring character in Krissy Knox, with the unusual concept of a boy’s posters teaching him the importance of school.

To the rest of the posters’ annoyance, Krissy ends up being more of a impediment than any actual help.

Stone first featured Kirssy Knox in 2016, wherein she was equally as outrageous with her big, stinky hot dog. So, what we’re all asking now is: when will the Krissy Knox movie be out?!

Joining the SNL crew this week as well was Michael Keaton! Who’s to say why Keaton visited the show this week – maybe his connection to Emma Stone as Birdman co-stars, or he just happened to have lunch with Lorne Michaels last week. It’s anybody’s guess.

But he showed up and did a great job as the Gollum of Wikileaks (and also founder) Julian Assange! The sketch showcased the recent “bad-ass” celebrity convicts, which also included “Aunt Becky” Lori Loughlin (Kate McKinnon) for bribing a whole load of people just to get her daughter into a safety school, and Michael Avenatti (Pete Davidson) for a whole load of weird, illegal stuff.

Next on the block to host on May 4 is SNL alum and surprisingly first time host Adam Sandler! It’s been 24 years since Sandler was a cast member, and though he’s appeared on the show since, he has never hosted! What a treat that will be, and maybe we’ll see some Opera Man? Perhaps a little song on an acoustic guitar? Or can we really dream about this, and hope upon hope for the return of Canteen Boy? Alec Baldwin is around SNL a lot – it would be so easy to coordinate!

Saturday Night Live returns live May 4 with host Adam Sandler and musical guest Shawn Mendez! Be sure to catch Saturday Night Live airing Saturdays at 11.30 et/8.30 pt on Global, and watch the latest episodes online here on!

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