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Saturday Night Live


Saturday Night Live Provides Its Final 2020 Election Debate Coverage

Saturday Night Live Provides Its Final 2020 Election Debate Coverage


With the American Presidential election less than two weeks away, Saturday Night Live dives face-first into the past week’s Presidential debates.

The Third Second Debate

Saturday Night Live brought back this year’s favourite part-timers. Of course Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin did their Biden/Trump thing. But SNL also included Maya Rudolph in their cold open, as Kristen Welker – weirdly not as Kamala Harris.

And while this past week’s debate was the third scheduled debate, it was the second one to actually take place. The second scheduled debate was cancelled due to Donald Trump having caught COVID.

Beyond the screen, it appears as though the SNL writing crew doesn’t have much faith that Trump will win again. Baldwin’s Trump spent the entire cold open firing zinger after zinger. He was the funniest he’s been in years. It’s fair to think that the writers are getting their good jokes on air while they still can, because in two weeks time? Who knows…

He Might Be Gone

Then what will SNL do? In fact, they put together a (fake) election ad, calling out the face that people will have to move on to something else… or not.

This ad is more explicitely about what the rest of us will do, but it’s thinly veiled. What will SNL do? For the past four plus years, Donald Trump has been a go-to to open their show, to take up most, if not all, of Weekend Update, and a reason to big up their cameo game. With Trump out of office, sure, they’ll have Jim Carrey, but the craziest real character they ever had will be like dust in the wind.

Adele As Musical Guest Host

Adele killed it – this time around, as host! SNL made her career in America, in 2008, and she thanked the show for that during her monologue. But she was a surprise natural during her sketches, and she even gave us a brand-new Chad sketch (and maybe the last, since Chad dies at the end?).

Next week’s October 31 episode will be on Halloween! And hosted by John Mulaney, with musical guest The Strokes! Talk about an all-star lineup!

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