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Regina King Set To Host Saturday Night Live

Regina King Set To Host Saturday Night Live


This weekend, Regina King will host Saturday Night Live with musical guest Nathaniel Rateliff!

Regina King to First-Time Host

This is one of those episodes where Saturday Night Live brings in an amazing and respected dramatic actor after a slew of celebrities and comedians. Regina King has been in such a range of film over the past thirty years. From Friday to Jerry Maguire; from Legally Blonde 2 to Boyz n the Hood. Not to mention, her roles in the series Southland and Watchmen!

So having someone skilled like Regina King on the hosting roster is a classic SNL move – like pulling Jessica Chastain, or Sam Rockwell. Just darn good actors, with range. And while it’s not her wheelhouse, Regina King has some comedies on her resume, so she’ll probably be able to make you laugh at least a few times – so tune in this Saturday at 11.30 et/8.30 pt to see Regina King on Saturday Night Live!

Classic SNL Moves

Speaking of classic SNL, there’s been some chatter about how Saturday Night Live has been returning to form, after straying and morphing into a sort-of new beast over the past four years. It’s obvious to any seasoned viewer that the 2015-2020 era of Saturday Night Live took a different, narrower focus than the preceding 40 years. And like it or not, it’s pretty much all due to one man who became President and mucked everything up. If you were paying attention at all over the past five years, you’d have noticed the over saturation of political sketches and the parade of celebrity cameos and stunt casting.

But now, Alec Baldwin hasn’t been seen in four months. The biggest celebrity of late is Eugene Levy – and that’s to visit his son Dan Levy during his hosted episode. And the sketches are… gentler? Certainly a bit more classically sillier, and no longer treated as filler between the cold open, and the next cameo, or as a hold over until Weekend Update.

Saturday Night Live deserves to go back to enjoying a bit of innocence. Enjoy it! Hopefully it will last until we’re all sick of it – the world deserves that.

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