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Nick Jonas Helps His Brother Kevin Cope With Solo Work on SNL

Nick Jonas Helps His Brother Kevin Cope With Solo Work on SNL


This weekend, Nick Jonas pulled double duty as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live!

The Future of the Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas has been going hard at his solo work recently. Best known for his band The Jonas Brothers, when they were super big about 13 years ago, Nick has since found a musical career of his own. The Jonas Brothers, a band he formed with – you guessed it – his brothers Kevin and Joe, brought each of the Jonas boys into notoriety.

And now Nick is hosting and performing SNL solo. Without his brothers. Well, Kevin Jonas was in the audience, and had some questions for his brother Nick during his monologue.

Nick reassured his anxious brother, buuuuut the Jonas Brothers “broke up” as a band before. Maybe Kevin’s fears are just. I mean, Joe Jonas wasn’t even invited to Nick’s SNL episode!

Weekend Update, Updating You

This weekend’s Weekend Update should have brought you up to speed on the basics of American politics. As Ted Cruz continues to make a fool of himself, Joe Biden almost gets there but just misses the mark. And of course, the Corona Virus response perfectly reflects the state of America this year.

Also featured is an appearance from Marjorie Taylor Greene (Cecily Strong). You know, she’s the greenhorn congresswoman from Georgia who’s all about QAnon. He most recent greatest hit would be her claim that Jewish Space Lasers started the California wild fires.

They kid, but she’s really that outrageous. Like, they barely had to make anything up for that to be funny… which makes it less funny. Or more? Depends on how politically-burnt out you are.

Saturday Night Live returns live March 27 with Maya Rudolph as host and musical guest Jack Harlow.

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