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Maya Rudolph Gets Nostalgic Hosting Saturday Night Live

Maya Rudolph Gets Nostalgic Hosting Saturday Night Live


Maya Rudolph returned to Saturday Night Live to host, and fondly remembers her years as part of the cast.

Maya Rudolph Remembers The Good Old Days

Rudolph was a cast member from 2000-2007. That was a good long while ago, but she still has good memories of the time. Working alongside legend Will Ferrell; dealing with Tracy Morgan’s backstage antics; navigating through a sketch ruined by Jimmy Fallon’s laughing; these are all things Maya Rudolph had to endure during her tenure on SNL. But the memories of the old days stay with her, haunting her like ghosts. In a sketch dedicated to her being haunted by memory lane, Maya Rudolph spends some time getting nostalgic. And she’s visited by friends from the past Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey.

Weirdly enough, while Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch are the only cameos in the sketch, they’re not the only one’s from Rudolph’s time as a cast member. Keenan Thompson has been around long enough that he too was in the cast with all of them. And he’s still going strong!

Maya Rudolph Shares Her Veteran Wisdom

Rudolph called the new cast members to join her on stage during her opening monologue. Lauren Holt, Punkie Johnson and Andrew Dismukes stood by while Maya Rudolph gave them her sage advice on being an SNL cast member. Granted, most of it being a quick and dirty retelling of The Breakfast Club, but it works as a metaphor.

Basically there are the things that many new cast members go through. Getting fired and rehired by Lorne Michaels. Being a victim of a hate crime during one of Chevy Chase’s impromptu visits. Pulling a Jenny Slate and accidentally cursing on air. These are all part of the initiation of a notoriously both toxic and warm & loving community that Saturday Night Live has cultivated for half a century. It’s made people, and it’s broken them. And we’re all part of it, tuning in every week as a part of a massive cultural tradition. Where would we be without it, and what significance would Saturday nights even have anymore?

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