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Kristen Wiig Closes Out A Really Weird Year On SNL

Kristen Wiig Closes Out A Really Weird Year On SNL


Saturday Night Live’s last show for the holidays is upon us! This weekend, Kristen Wiig hosts with musical guest Dua Lipa!

SNL Alum Kristen Wiig Hosts Again

Kristen Wiig returns to host Saturday Night Live! While it’s not been that long since she hosted – having hosted the previous season finale of Saturday Night Live at Home, it’s still been a few years since she’s been on stage at 30 Rockefeller centre! And she gets to host the notoriously holiday-y pre-Christmas episode. Here she is doing a classic Garth and Kat bit, but for Christmas!

Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen couldn’t quite make it through that one, huh? Maybe Garth and Kat will return for one more holiday.

The Year So Far

Well, 2020 is almost over – both finally, and, already?! There have been some moments this year – with COVID-19 taking the lead, but also not to forget the civil unrest and the usurping of Donald Trump, to name a few.

But instead of dwelling on the bad, let’s dwell on the good. Like, the top five goodest moments of SNL this season!

Jim Carrey premiering as Joe Biden

With the high-intensity 2020 election right around the season premier, SNL had to get someone good for Biden. And they got one of the best! Jim Carrey’s Biden took the role in a direction that no one took previously. Basically, he’s a self-conscious nut job, that’s also 80% Jim Carrey. But that ain’t a bad thing!

That weird Town Hall sketch that ended with Trump wrestling someone

The political cold opens really went off the rails of “normal” this season. Between Jim Carrey Goldbuming on Mike Pence’s head and Baldwin-Trump’s sombre rendition of “Macho Man” upon his loss, the SNL team ventured away from the usual “this is what Trump said this week” approach and just went full zany with it. 

It really reached peak weird when Trump started wrestling a news anchor at his town hall.

John Mulaney making his hosting a yearly tradition

This season marks John Mulaney’s fourth season in a row hosting – out of his four total hosting appearances. He’s got a lot of history at SNL, having been a writer. But let’s be honest. He’s not a big name like Tom Hanks, Steve Martin or Christopher Walken – all of whom have had similar hosting streaks. But honestly, that’s what makes it so charming!

That Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben sketch with Dave Chappelle

This sketch is definitely the funniest of the season so far. It opens with the firing of Aunt Jemima – in reference to her brand being retired – a moment that pauses the sketch for about a minute due to audience laughter. Then Uncle Ben gets the axe. Then the Allstate Insurance guy (Chappelle). And, then it ends with the firing of Count Chocula, played by Pete Davidson.

It also included the probably improvised line by Chappelle, “Seriously America, look at Pete Davidson’s lips.”

And speaking of…

The Davidson/Chalamet Experience

Last week Timothée Chalamet hosted, and he and cast member Pete Davidson took to each other immediately. An unlikely friendship indeed, but these two won the hearts of millions of viewers.

Let’s hope that 2021 starts out a better year for all of us, because we all deserve it. But until then, let’s say good-freaking-bye to 2020 – starting with the Kristen Wiig hosted mid-season finale of Saturday Night Livethis Saturday December 19 at 11.30 et/8.30 pt on Global!

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