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SNL: Dan Levy Reps Canadian Limelight by Hosting Saturday Night Live

SNL: Dan Levy Reps Canadian Limelight by Hosting Saturday Night Live


This weekend, Canadian breakout star Dan Levy will be doing Canada proud by hosting Saturday Night Live, with musical guest Phoebe Bridgers.

A Quiet, Modest SNL For 2020

Last week was Saturday Night Live’s first episode of the year. And in a way, it was the first episode of a new era. Donald Trump is gone from, well, everywhere. Which is pretty significant for a lot of people. But for Saturday Night Live, the sensationalism is gone. Sure, weird stuff like The Hills Have Eyes versions of vikings have been in the news after a failed coup followed by weeks of being rounded up by the FBI. But that was the, or at least, last straw. The 24hr news cycle has come to stay, but there’s no one intentionally perpetuation it from atop a golden throne at 3am. Because that guy literally can’t. So SNL can make their sketches and take the time to craft them their way, instead of just crafting them to be up to date.


This past Saturday, during the John Krasinski-hosted show, no non-cast members were featured. There wasn’t a single celebrity cameo, no Hollywood ringer impersonating a politician, no former cast members stopping by to say hi. And that’s the first time that’s happened since 2019. Who knows if we’ll see Alec Baldwin’s Trump. He got his send off, and we’re all over-tired of the genuine article, so he can fade into the ether without much sorrow. So for now let’s all slow down, take our time and enjoy classic SNL for its genuine offerings!

Dan Levy Does Canada Proud

There’s a big long lineup of hilarious Canadians gracing SNL. Too long to even try listing, because someone significant will get left out – but also worth noting that the man himself Lorne Michaels hails from the North.


So that aspect alone doesn’t make Dan Levy’s hosting gig a complete gift. What does is because of the runaway international success of his Canadian-produced show. With his Buddy Holly meets Robin Thicke style, Dan Levy has enamoured viewers beyond the constricting and necessary reaches of CanCon. Rarely do our TV shows get a lot of media attention south of the border – Paul Gross may have got a glimpse in the 1990s, but it’s been even rarer since. But our little Levys that could (Dan made the show with his sketch-com dad Eugene Levy) broke that barrier big time!

So turn off your Drake and Beiber records and be sure to support real Canadian content, and check out Dan Levy’s episode of Saturday Night Live this Saturday at 11.30 et/8.30 pt on Global! It’s gonna be…

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