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Canadian Comedy Kings the Levys Light Up Saturday Night Live

Canadian Comedy Kings the Levys Light Up Saturday Night Live


This weekend, Canadian break-out comedian Dan Levy hosted Saturday Night Live!

The Levys Stay Safe at 30 Rock

Dan Levy is best know for his recent hit show, Schitt’s Creek, which he created, wrote and starred in with his comedy legend father, Eugene Levy. The Levys have quickly risen to the top as a Canadian comedic dynasty. Not to say that’s anything new for pops Levy, but now the two of them are killing it as a team!

For his monologue, Levy (the young one, not the American Pie one) took viewers on a tour through the back stage of SNL. We got to see how the show now operates and keeps safe in the middle of a pandemic. They may seem extreme, but remember: without them, we’d have to be watching more episodes of Saturday Night Live at Home. So, yeah just let them do what they need to.

It’s great to see them be safe, but doesn’t Eugene Levy deserve a bit more respect than being stuffed into a box? Don’t they know he was in eight out of the nine American Pie films? Oh, also a beloved alum of SCTV. But, Jim’s Dad!!

Super Bowl SNL

The big story this weekend is the Superbowl. It’s Super Bowl LV, which means the 55th extra-important American Football game. And SNL dedicated their cold open to the Super Bowl – and very likely the first non-explicitely political cold open in years.

It’s a good feeling to fade in to SNL and not be staring at some celebrity-filled facsimile of a terrible representative of the US Government. Instead, we can all laugh at the pomp and circumstance of a four hour long commercial vehicle with some exciting moments of sports and the most excessive 11 minutes of music on television.

It’s so nice to sit back and laugh without the dread of a broken political system.

Well, almost completely non-political.

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