Ransom Season 3 finds crisis and hostage negotiator Eric Beaumont and his elite CriRes team struggling to balance the demands of their personal lives with their careers as negotiators handling high-pressure kidnappings and hostage-takings. As they negotiate with formidable criminals and immerse themselves in the world of high-stakes hostage situations, the team members deal with the repercussions of Season 2’s dramatic conclusion.

The season opens with Eric turning himself into the police for the brutal murder of Damien Delaine. When no evidence of the crime can be found, Eric is released and must live with the emotional weight of his decisions.

Exploring the theme of “family,” the team comes to depend on each other while dealing with their personal demons. Eric, now divorced, comes to realize that because of his dangerous job, he has put all his romantic partners in danger. But when he meets the dynamic FBI agent Kate Barrett on a case, he realizes he may have met his match.

Oliver undergoes a transformation due to the violence associated with Maxine’s departure; panic attacks affect his work in troubling ways and almost end his career. A dangerous mission pushes Zara to realize that the stress of her job is affecting her home life and she feels forced to choose between the two. The newest member of the team, Cynthia Walker, is slow to open up to her new workmates but demons from her past catch up to her and threaten to destroy the new family she’s found at CriRes.