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Big Brother 21


Summer of Temptation claims its first Houseguest

Summer of Temptation claims its first Houseguest


By John Powell – GlobalTV

The Summer of Temptation has begun and Big Brother’s enticements have already shaken the house to its very foundation.

Cameron Heard, the 24-year-old microbiologist from Illinois, is the first Houseguest to be evicted this season.

Cameron fell victim to a temptation twist when Kevin Schlehuber, the 55-year-old stay-at-home dad from Boston, anonymously pocketed a temptation awarding him $25,000.

The consequences of Kevin accepting the prize is that he has to throw the first HoH competition and Big Brother 18 runner-up Paul Abrahamian immediately entered the house and the game.

As a result of Paul returning, one Houseguest had to leave. Playing off his Friendship theme, Paul had the power to give Friendship bracelets to nine players to keep them safe. He picked Jessica, Dominique, Raven, Elena, Kevin, Mark, Jason and Ramses.

Cameron decided to throw a safety competition in which the Houseguests had to balance on a trapeze. If they fell off, they had to pick an apple from the garden. Some of the apples contained safety and others, an automatic nomination.

Cameron, Christmas and Jillian all picked poisoned apples and Cody, the construction sales rep and former Marine won the competition and safety.

The unlucky trio though was allowed to decide their fate. They could either continue with a house vote or play a competition to decide who would be evicted. Christmas and Jillian decided on a house vote.

Cameron was booted by a vote of 8 to 3.

Tune into Big Brother Thursday night to see who will become this season’s first HoH.

On Sunday’s show, the Den of Temptation will open for the first time. The first temptation is a pendant which guarantees safety from the house vote for three weeks. Viewers can vote on who is offered the temptation.


Season 19 of Big Brother US (BB19)airs on Global every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

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