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Big Brother 19: Jillian Parker Exclusive Exit Interview: “One Side Wants to Be Famous, One Side Wants to Play”

Big Brother 19: Jillian Parker Exclusive Exit Interview: “One Side Wants to Be Famous, One Side Wants to Play”


By: John Powell –

She gambled and she lost.

Although Jillian Parker, the 24 year-old sales representative from Las Vegas, was voted out of the Big Brother 19 house, the member of the ‘Outsiders Alliance’ has plenty to say about the house divide.

“It felt like the other side was just there to be famous and Alex [Ow] and Jason [Dent], I really thought they’re there to compete and would have my back, obviously I was wrong about that,” said Jillian.

Jillian’s strategy going into the house was to align with houseguests nobody would expect her to which was why she elected to side with Kevin [Schlehuber], Josh [Martinez], Alex, and Jason, whom she thought were the better competitors.

If she had stayed this week, she would have stuck by that group.

“I would continue forward with Alex and Jason if they didn’t flip on me but I would definitely align with Ramses [Soto]. The person that I wouldn’t want to align with is probably Paul [Abrahamian] because he is a serious manipulator, liar and faker,” she said.

Speaking of veteran Paul, Jillian thinks the house will use him to do their dirty work, for the time being.

“As soon as they’re done using Paul, they’re all going to turn on him and vote him out but right now, Paul has safety for the next two weeks so they’re going to let him do the dirty work and get rid of Cody [Nickson] or Jessica [Graf] or whoever else they want to go after. As soon as his immunity runs out, they’re going to put him on the block and vote him out,” she predicted.

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Jillian also believes Paul is the reason she was voted out. He hustled the house and worked it against her promising to target Cody and Jessica.

Jessica also has an idea who betrayed her.

“I’m pretty sure it was Alex and Jason because when I was sitting in the chair, they started whispering to each other right next to me – I saw it and was worried but what am I going to do at that point,” she sighed.

Jillian was genuinely shocked by the vote that sent her packing and believes Christmas’ [Abott] foot injury had a lot to do with her leaving as well.

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“From the beginning I don’t think it was ever me that was going to go home but then after all that happened and the house was divided at that point, they just didn’t want to compete against another person so I think they just kept Christmas because she can’t compete in the challenges,” said Jillian.

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