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Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Houseguests Guard Scheme, New HOH

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Houseguests Guard Scheme, New HOH


By: John Powell –

Another HOH is in power in the Celebrity Big Brother house and another alliance has formed.

Although Ariadna Gutierrez is the new HOH (head of household), the backdoor plan targeting Shannon Elizabeth is old news. Whereas Ross Mathews failed to pull the trigger on the scheme last week, Ariadna wants to break up the Shannon and James Maslow partnership.

The other houseguests are not only backing the plan, they are guarding Ariadna to keep Shannon and James away from her.

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Talking in the HOH room, Brandi Glanville advised Ariadna, Omarosa Manigault and Marissa Winokur to put up both Shannon and James together and not play any pawn games.

“I cannot believe they are still campaigning for me when they don’t have the numbers,” said Omarosa.

“In their minds, they still have the numbers though,” explained Brandi.

Brandi argued that Shannon has always been playing both sides and making deals with everyone in the house the entire time.

The houseguests then developed a plan to make sure Ariadna is never alone until after the nominations are complete so that Shannon and James won’t be able to get in her head or make her feel uncomfortable.

Downstairs, James and Shannon suspected something is wrong and began comparing notes.

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“I think Brandi is in Ariadna’s ear about getting me or you out,” grumbled James.

“It just doesn’t make sense when they need strong players to get them to the end,” said a confused Shannon.

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“Because I jumped around in the beginning and didn’t know where I was and I had to make amends for things, now I am playing a straightforward game. If they want to turn on me, that’s their decision,” Shannon shrugged.

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