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Big Brother 19: Cody Nickson Exclusive Exit Interview: “Dominique, Matt Turned Their Backs on Me”

Big Brother 19: Cody Nickson Exclusive Exit Interview: “Dominique, Matt Turned Their Backs on Me”


By: John Powell –

He is out but he could be back and on the attack.

Cody Nickson was voted out but as he and we found out on the live eviction show, all of the evictees including next week’s will have a chance to return on the Friday, July 21st special ‘Battle Back’ episode of Big Brother 19 at 8 et/pt on Global.

Cody’s answer as to who he would have aligned with if he had stayed might shock some faithful fans.

“Believe it or not, I would have aligned with Paul [Abrahamian] and I would have taken out Mark [Jansen]. Mark had mentioned something about taking out Jessica [Graf], so I would have taken out everyone close to Mark,” he said.


His fierce loyalty to Jessica is not a surprise. What started as a simple showmance between them has grown into a bona fide relationship to the point that the very guarded former marine expressed a range of emotions while with her in the house.

“It’s good. It’s real. It’s legit. Jess and I, we were on the outside pretty much the second and third week we were in there. Literally talking to each other, just only each other for about 16 hours a day, we’ve gotten to know each other a lot. Yeah, I plan on seeing her after the house,” said a smitten Cody.

Cody’s HOH week was perhaps the most unusual in Big Brother US history. Not only did one of his initial nominations, Megan Lowder, leave the game forcing him to nominate Alex Ow alongside Jillian Parker but when Alex won the ‘Power of Veto’ and took herself off the block, Cody tried to target Paul. Paul however, used his ‘Pendant of Protection’ forcing Cody to pick someone else. He chose Christmas Abbott which shocked his own allies.

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If Cody could go back he is not sure things would have turned out any differently for him.

“If I could do it all over again, I would. Knowing what I know now that I couldn’t get the votes, maybe not, it’s tough to say. Paul got that stupid invincibility thing for three weeks and there was no way to plan for that or strategize for that,” said Cody reflecting on his doomed HOH.

Before he left the house, Cody deliberately dropped a bomb while participating in Dominique Cooper‘s in-house talk show. He claimed two of his allies stabbed him in the back and wouldn’t name them. Cody says Mark and Dominique are the ones who lied to him and left him out to dry.

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“From the very start it was me, Mark, Dominique and Matt [Clines]. They were the ones that prompted me to nominate Christmas. I mean, I wanted Christmas out myself and they kind of just validated the sentiment. I should have had the vote with just them but they turned their backs on me,” he confirmed.

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