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Big Brother 19’s Cameron Heard Is No Fan of Other Super-Fans – Exclusive Exit Interview

Big Brother 19’s Cameron Heard Is No Fan of Other Super-Fans – Exclusive Exit Interview


By John Powell – GlobalTV

He was in and he was out.

Cameron Heard, the 24-year-old microbiologist, became the first Houseguest to be evicted this season on last night’s premiere of Big Brother 19.

A victim of the Summer of Temptation twist, Cameron doesn’t regret throwing the competition that eventually put him on the block with fellow Houseguests Christmas and Jillian.

“I think throwing it was the best thing for me long term in the game and if you’re not thinking long term in the game then you’re going to be out next week,” he said reflecting on that fateful endurance competition.

Cameron didn’t want to establish himself as a physical threat and maintains he could have held on to the very end.


“In that challenge it’s a lot of balance and endurance and I have a lot of endurance, given my background, so I think I would have done fine,” he said.

When he was in the house, Cameron was getting “good vibes” from Raven, Cody and Matthew and was considering aligning with them. Cameron viewed the other superfans like himself as his competition in the game.

“People that I wouldn’t want to align with are superfans, people that know the show really well, so like Ramses and the blue haired girl (Megan) because if they know as much about the show as I do, that’s dangerous,” he said.

Cameron was happy to see Paul Abrahamian, runner-up of Big Brother 18, enter the house as he believed Paul’s presence would take the heat off of him, for the time being.

“Strategically I thought it was beneficial to have any vet in the game for me, just to mitigate my threat level. So that way there’s someone who’s bigger, louder, and more obnoxious than I am. So him entering the house, initially I thought it was a great thing for me, and I was really excited about it,” he said.

As to why he was voted out over Christmas and Jillian, Cameron believes the other Houseguests feared he was a mental threat but being on the block so early didn’t help.

“I think that combination of not enough time in the house and me being a mental threat really scared them and that’s why they voted me out,” Cameron surmised.


Season 19 of Big Brother US (BB19)airs on Global every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

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