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Big Brother Spoilers: A Power Is Unleashed In The House

Big Brother Spoilers: A Power Is Unleashed In The House


By John Powell –

Just when Danielle thought she had all of the answers David changed the questions.

Danielle had nominated David and Kevin for eviction today but her HoH reign has been disrupted.

David used his Disruptor Power taking himself off the block and forcing Danielle to name a new nominee. Danielle put Tyler on the block despite telling him this afternoon that she wouldn’t.

The house has no idea who used the power as David unleashed it in secret.

“I cannot believe it,” said David with tears in his eyes to Kevin in the bathroom.

“Did you use it?” asked Kevin.

“No,” answered David playing dumb.

In the HoH room upstairs Danielle was in full damage control mode with Tyler.

“I am freaking out!” said a flustered Danielle. “Hear me out. I swear on everything I don’t want you gone. I don’t know what to do! I can’t put up Ian. Ian will freak the hell out and turn on everyone. I don’t know what to do! You can win the veto.”

“What’s The Committee going to think?” asked Tyler.

“They will all keep you. You can win the veto and we will all keep you. I swear on everything!” Danielle promised.

“Was I always going to be your replacement?” asked Tyler expressing frustration.

“No! I didn’t know what to do! All I wanted to do was keep the noms the same,” said Danielle.

“Don’t worry. I am just glad I get a chance to play,” said Tyler hugging Danielle.

“It sucks and I can’t stop crying!” she said. “I am not here to break up the band.”

The veto competition will be held tomorrow.

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