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Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Veto Results, Nominees Debate Campaigning

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Veto Results, Nominees Debate Campaigning


By John Powell –

This week’s Big Brother 20 nominations have been finalized.

HoH (Head of Household) Angela Rummans nominated her former casual allies, Fessy (Faysal Shafaat) and Haleigh Broucher, for eviction.

Kaycee Clark, the POV (Power of Veto) winner, did not change Angela’s nominations at the meeting today.

Faysal or Haleigh will be voted out on Thursday’s live show but will also participate in a Battle Back competition with Scottie Salton, Bayleigh Dayton and Rockstar (Angie Lantry). Whoever wins will be permitted to reenter the house and the game.

Lying in bed after the meeting, Haleigh tried to encourage a despondent Faysal.

Haleigh explained she is hanging out with the others because everyone is still living in the same house together. She isn’t campaigning against him. She encouraged Faysal to do the same.

Faysal stared off into space not saying anything in response.

“Are you just giving up?” Haleigh asked.

“What do you mean? I am on the block with you. I am not campaigning,” he answered.


“I am not campaigning either but I am hanging out with everyone,” said Haleigh.

Haleigh asked Faysal why he is mad at her. He said he wasn’t.

“Why are you acting this way?” asked Haleigh.

“We are on the block together and you are hanging out upstairs with the person who put us on the block together,” he said.

“It is part of the game,” insisted Haleigh.

Fasyal told her to do what she had to do.

“What does that mean? I am not going to roll over and die. I don’t think you should either,” said Haleigh denying she has campaigned for herself in any way this week.

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