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New Season | June 25

Big Brother 21


Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Noms Made, Veto Won – Week 9

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Noms Made, Veto Won – Week 9


By: John Powell –

He ain’t clowning around this week. Jason Dent, the professional rodeo clown, has won HoH (Head of Household) this week and also secured the POV (Power of Veto) as well.

On the Big Brother 19 live feed Saturday, Jason bested his other Houseguests in the traditional Hide the Veto competition. Feeders saw the aftermath of the competition, the Big Brother house was in shambles.

Paul Abrahamian mocked Josh Martinez for hiding his Veto in the fridge.

“You put your f—–g veto in the freezer? That’s the first place I looked,” Paul laughed.

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Later in the HoH room, Kevin Schlehuber, Paul, Alex Ow and Jason discussed strategy.

“Are you taking Raven Walton off?” Paul asked Jason.

“I ain’t taking that bitch off,” mumbled Jason.

The group conducted an impromptu vote and everyone raised their hands for Raven to be voted out. Paul was the last to vote and commented that he doesn’t care if it is Matt Clines or Raven who leaves.

Chatting about things later on, Jason wavered and was leaning towards Matt being booted.

“They just annoy me,” Jason said of Matt and Raven.

Whether it is Matt, Raven or perhaps even Kevin, Jason has until Monday’s Power of Veto ceremony to decide whether he is going to change his nominations or leave them the same.

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