Saturday Night Live: Amy Schumer Rings In Mother’s Day

Saturday Night Live: Amy Schumer Rings In Mother’s Day

Amy Schumer hosted a very mother-centric Saturday Night Live with guest appearances from the cast’s moms and Melissa McCarthy!

That’s right, everyone’s conservative mom chimed in to say “Leave Donald Trump alone!” to their kids in the cast. Parents, right?

But they’re just in on the joke too, of course – their words were that of the SNL writing crew, who had a little fun taking jabs at themselves. Oh, and in case you’re cynically wondering if they just hired actors to play the cast’s moms, just look at them! These women are clearly the mothers of the not-ready-for-primetime-player they stand beside.

Host Amy Schumer treated the audience yet again with a taste of her stand up comedy, her combination apathy and self deprecation. This week’s topic was marriage, since Schumer recently got hitched. It seems to be literally all she ever talks about these days – reinforced in her latest interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (yes, Amy, bringing up that you don’t want to talk about your wedding is still talking about your wedding).

The rest of the episode was pretty swarmed with other mother-themed sketches for the holiday this weekend, and Amy Schumer was great in them, from depicting a mother pretending that motherhood is easy, to a host for a mother-themed gameshow. But, maybe the best Mother’s Day bit was the surprise appearance from Melissa McCarthy (make her Mother’s Day weekend in New York quite busy, after a different surprise appearance on Friday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert). She popped in at the end of Weekend Update as Michael Che’s stepmom, to give him support and love, like any mother would.

So, that’s almost it for Saturday Night Live this season. Only one more episode left, and they saved the best for last. Tina Fey is hosting the season finale next weekend! Now, unlike the Will Ferrell and Bill Hader episodes from earlier this season, Tina Fey won’t be bringing back a bunch of characters from her time on SNL because she didn’t really have any. She spent half of her time writing everybody else’s sketches, as head writer, and the other half behind the Weekend Update desk, co-anchoring with Jimmy Fallon, then Amy Poehler. What you should be expecting her to bring, though, is not actually what but who. Fey has a lot of famous friends. Likely candidates for cameo appearances might be Amy Poehler, Steve Martin, Tracey Morgan – or any former 30 Rock cast member, Jimmy Fallon, Rachel Dratch (whom she already cameo’d with earlier this season)… the list could go on. Oh, and most definitely she’ll share the stage with Alec Baldwin (see: 30 Rock). Those two have tremendous chemistry, it would be a shame to not take advantage of it.

Saturday Night Live returns for the season finale May 19 with host Tina Fey and musical guest Nicki Minaj. Be sure to catch Saturday Night Live airing Saturdays at 11.30 et/8.30 pt on Global, and watch the latest episodes online here on!


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