Rookie Blue’s Aliyah O’Brien on Holly and Gail

Rookie Blue’s Aliyah O’Brien on Holly and Gail

Victoria B.C.’s Aliyah O’Brien plays Dr. Holly Stewart, aka Officer Lunchbox (Gail’s nickname for her), on the hit Canadian series Rookie Blue. Holly is a forensic scientist who met Gail Peck in Season 4. Despite Gail never having had a same-sex relationship before, the two soon became a hot couple and also fan favourites. O’Brien shared her thoughts on Holly and Gail’s relationship with via email.

Post-Episode 6, Holly and Gail still aren’t talking after Holly’s friends questioned whether Gail was the right choice. What’s Holly’s current state of mind?

O’Brien: I think Holly misses Gail like crazy but is only willing to go so far to connect and make things right. She’s hurt that Gail didn’t care enough to hear her out. Holly wants to be with a woman that loves her and doesn’t bolt whenever conflict arises.

Gail’s character has admitted to at times being childish and immature – how has her relationship with Holly allowed her to grow up?

O’Brien: Holly doesn’t do drama, she’s honest and straight up. Not only has that been a good example for Gail but I think that kind of authenticity has allowed Gail to be herself more and feel supported. Holly doesn’t buy Gail’s bulls%#t.

Holly and Gail haven’t seen each other since their argument at the bar. How awkward will it be when they meet again?

O’Brien: I don’t think Holly does awkward as much as Gail; she’s probably more hurt and reserved.

Holly’s friends thought Gail was too “blue collar” – does Holly agree with them? Is that a true obstacle for them?

O’Brien: No! Not at all. Holly is interested in the person, not her job, and Gail is not only gorgeous, she’s incredibly weird and fun and Holly loves that. It’s the deeper emotionally immature behaviours that prove problematic.

I think Holly knows her friend can be a snob and with time she comes around. Because Holly finds Gail so amazing, she expects her friends eventually would too. Holly’s a scientist capable of digging past peoples’ outer layers to find the truth. I imagine her snobby best friends have some very redeeming qualities like loyalty and strong character that Holly identifies with. Despite their judgments, they wouldn’t be so quick to dump her when times get tough.

What does Holly find most attractive about Gail?

O’Brien: Her honesty and her unapologetic attitude. And probably her lips too.

What message would you like to send to all the fans who are ardent #Golly shippers (fans who want Holly and Gail to be in a relationship)?

O’Brien: Oh man, my Twitter is blowing up with love for #Golly on a daily basis and it warms my heart. I wish you would all know I am so appreciative of your love and support for these characters. Working on such a great show, with amazing people and getting to tell Holly’s story is truly an honour! I only wish I could do more! So thank you thank you THANK YOU!
When is Rookie Blue on TV? In Canada, Rookie Blue aired Wednesdays at 9 et/pt on Global TV. Watch for Season 6 in 2015.

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