Rookie Blue recap – Wanting (an explanation!)

Rookie Blue recap – Wanting (an explanation!)

Oh my god. WHAT is going on with Chris?! That ending had me SO worried. Of all the things I thought Chris would do this season – that was not one of them! Ok, let’s take a moment to breathe and take it from the top.

Rookie-Blue-504-ChloeThis was my favourite episode of the season so far, very intense and suspenseful. But there was also a little humour and comic relief from Chloe and Nick. Their budding friendship is so light and fun to watch. Chloe enlisted Nick’s help in finding out why Dov won’t touch her romantically. We saw for ourselves that Dov seemed to be holding back. He was opting for safety over romance and rightfully so – Chloe did almost die! Watching Nick try to talk to Dov about his relationship with Chloe was awkward and hilarious, proving there is indeed no subtle way to ask your co-worker about his sex life. Eventually Nick came through though. He forced Dov and Chloe to talk openly their feelings and the lack of sexy time. Needless to say, I think that problem has been solved!

Sam and Andy continued their newfound friendship and it seemed to be going well. They shared coffee, bagels and big smiles. Meanwhile Andy was still riding with rookie Duncan Moore. After parade, Andy admitted to Oliver she had doubts that Duncan could make it as a cop. Oliver offered support and said that if that was the case he needed to know soon. But Andy backtracked and decided to give Duncan another chance. She gave him some freedom to get comfortable by allowing him to drive. They made their way to an apartment building where a man had been shot in the stairwell. The man, Darryl Riggs, was still alive and taken to hospital. Andy and Duncan went to find Riggs’ family. It turned out he was a handyman working under the table for the apartment building and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The head of the Jameson gang also lived in the building and was killed the same day. It was later revealed that Darryl Riggs saw the shooter and that was why he was shot. After talking to Riggs’ son Marcus and searching Riggs’ car Andy realized that Marcus had also been at the apartment building during the shooting but failed to mention it. Andy and Duncan went back to the Riggs’ home to find Marcus.

It was an interesting day for Chris and Gail, who were partnered together. They were also called to the scene at the apartment building to knock on doors. On their way there Chris, who arrived late to parade (what happened to the responsible, by the book Diaz?) was hopped up on coffee and told Gail he’d been up late having fun. Gail had a few cutting comments for her partner but Chris took them in stride. He pointed out that Gail is cold and unattached in a “good way” that he wished he could be. As it turned out, Gail hadn’t spoken to Holly at all since their fight – so maybe they are finished for good? While going through the apartment building Gail found a woman who had been shot by a stray bullet in the laundry room. The woman was bleeding badly and muttering “Sophie “as she clung to Gail. Afterwards when they learned the woman had stabilized, Chris attempted to support Gail, telling her she did a good job. Gail being Gail responded with “I know.” It seemed quite a few times during this episode that Chris was trying to connect with Gail, did anyone else think so? I wanted her to accept some of his kindness even on just a friendship level – but she never did. Later, when Chris told Gail the woman from the laundry room hadn’t survived after all, she tried to suppress her reaction. Gail became determined to find out the woman’s identity, with only the name Sophie to go by. She went back to the laundry room in search of the woman’s keys and was approached by a little girl who was looking for her mother. The little girl’s name was Sophie – the woman had been saying her daughter’s name, not her own. Gail was brought to tears at the realization, not as cold and unaffected as Chris might think.

Speaking of Chris, I thought he might go with Gail and help her find the keys – but he didn’t and I wish he had. Instead he ended up doing something unexpected. Chris drove to the outside of a club and seemed to buy drugs from a dealer. Drugs! What is going ON with Chris? I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t. He wiped at his nose while he waited for the dealer to return – could Chris be using cocaine? Is that the reason for his sudden increase in jittery energy? Is anyone else as scared as I am?

When Andy found Marcus and pressed him about the shooting, he identified Shay Bishop as the shooter. Bishop was also a member of the Jameson gang – he’d shot his own leader. Andy realized how much danger Marcus was in. The situation grew even more intense when she saw Bishop pull up outside of the Riggs’ home. Andy radioed for Duncan, who was circling the block in the cruiser, and let him know she needed back-up. She radioed again for further back-up to let everyone else know Shay Bishop had entered the house. Andy calmed a scared Marcus and tried to talk to Bishop from afar. This moment was particularly intense as Andy knelt at the top of the stairs and Bishop at the bottom, both with guns drawn. Bishop took a few shots at Andy, who retaliated – but no one made contact. All the while Andy continued to radio Duncan for help. Duncan listened to Andy’s pleas from his radio but sat in the squad car, frozen with fear. Duncan attempted to convince himself to get moving, which I actually believed he would in the end – instead he turned off his radio and slammed on the wheel in frustration of his cowardice.

Luckily back-up arrived in time to help Andy, and Bishop was arrested. Once things calmed down, Duncan came running out to meet Andy and tried to downplay what happened. He claimed he was having trouble with his radio, but Andy knew better. Upset (as well she should be) she pointed out to Duncan that a child’s life was at stake then clicked his radio back on, knowing there was no problem.

Back at the precinct, Andy told Oliver everything that happened then asked Oliver what would happen to Duncan. Oliver said Duncan would be suspended pending an investigation and likely lose his badge. Obviously with Duncan being the stepson of the Commissioner it wasn’t going to go over well.

After a hard day for Andy, Sam offered to drive her home. When they pulled up outside she was agitated that during the drive Sam had stayed silent and offered no words of support for the day she’d had. At first it seemed this was going to turn into a fight, but actually turned into quite the opposite. Sam offered words of support and assured Andy she’d done everything she could for Duncan. He also pointed out her instinct that he wasn’t cut out for the police force was correct. He also told her she was one of the best cops he’d ever seen. Much better Sam, well done. Touched by his words, Andy thanked Sam and kissed him – so there you go McSwarek fans, looks like they might be getting out of the friend zone!Rookie-Blue-504-TraciThere were some great friend moments in this episode – Andy and Traci had some girl talk about Sam, as well as the Nick and Chloe antics. But I’d still like to see some Oliver and Sam time as well as Dov and Chris (especially now!). What did you think of “Wanting”? Is this the last we’ll see of Duncan Moore? Or will the Commissioner have other ideas? What do you think will happen with Chris? Will his best friend Dov see what’s happening now that things in his own life have calmed down? Is the kiss the first stepping stone for a full McSwarek reconciliation? Is Gail really finished with Holly? Is Oliver starting to settle in his new position as Staff Sergeant?


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