Rookie Blue recap: Everlasting

Rookie Blue recap: Everlasting

Season 5 ended with a big secret revealed and an even bigger question looming. I can’t believe we have to wait for Season 6 to get our answers! What a crazy and intense episode – Rookie Blue sure knows how to deliver a great finale. Let’s savour the final recap of the season: here’s what happened in “Everlasting.”


Marlo’s recent return continued to put Andy off kilter. After Sam and Marlo pulled an all-nighter to learn everything they could about Ted McDonald, Andy dropped by and engaged in more awkward conversation with Marlo. Marlo insisted her return to 15 Division was only to do her job. Marlo could see things were good between Andy and Sam. Still, Andy sought further assurances from Sam that their “honeymoon phase” wouldn’t be affected by Marlo’s presence and he did his best to convince her.

On a happier note, Chris Diaz is back! He re-appeared at the McDonald house in uniform, ready to work. Although it was unclear exactly what his fellow officers know about his absence, a cryptic conversation with Sam who told Chris he hoped his vacation was “dry,” hinted Sam seemed to know the truth. Chris offered to dig into some of Ted McDonald’s old files back at the station, an offer which Sam happily accepted. At the station, Andy found an upset Chloe readying herself for shift through tears. Dov broke up with her, but she was intent on winning him back. In Oliver’s office, Duncan explained what happened with Ted McDonald and the bomb while under the watchful (read: overprotective) eye of his step-father, Commissioner Santana. Santana was kind of a dick to Traci and Oliver as they questioned Duncan. Santana asked for officers to be posted outside of his home until McDonald was caught. Nick and Gail were assigned the task.


In the car, Gail attempted to ask Nick for an adoption reference, without explaining what the reference was actually for. Their conversation was interrupted when Nick accidentally hit a cyclist with his car door. Horrified, he hurried to help the person he hit – the same girl he met in the convenience store last episode. He apologized and attempted to pick up the remnants of birthday cake harmed in the crash. He also tried unsuccessfully to get the mystery girl’s phone number. She didn’t take the bait before heading off (how she could resist, I do not know) while Gail had taped the whole embarrassing encounter on her phone. Classic Gail.

Chris read through Ted McDonald’s files, which were old court documents regarding the bombing. Members of the Irish mob had been charged with the crime, but Ted believed the trial was fixed (based on the facts Chris rattled off, it sounded like Ted could have been right). Elsewhere, using facial recognition software Dov tracked Ted McDonald’s movements before the first bombing. He’d been to the courthouse several times. Sam realized Ted was going after the trial judge, who had overruled a lot of important material during the bombing trial. They intercepted the judge during her wedding and the bomb squad found a bomb under her car. The judge was very upset as her daughter had been in that car shortly before. Once that bomb was secured, Marlo tracked Ted’s movements to the graveyard where his son was buried. After a standoff with Oliver (who told Jarvis he was going into the field today, regardless of Jarvis’ objections) and Andy, Ted was taken into custody unarmed. He announced he didn’t want a lawyer, wanting to represent himself. Traci awaited Sam’s interrogation from the other side of the glass, where Steve offered his support and admitted that he missed her. Surprisingly, Traci didn’t respond as she left the room. Also interesting to note, throughout the day Traci was chatted up by the bomb squad leader, Bailey. Perhaps Steve will be facing some competition for Traci’s heart?

Sam sat down with Ted McDonald, who was intense and eccentric but obviously pained by the loss of his son. He told Sam what the little boy was like and discussed in detail the day of the bombing. He claimed the police department let those responsible get away and the hard drives they had collected among his possessions would prove it. But he also mentioned another bomb that hadn’t gone off yet. Sam attempted to find out the bomb’s location, while assuring Ted he would listen to, and take seriously, Ted’s allegations. Ted told Sam he wanted the bombing case re-opened while Detective Jarvis and Commissioner Santana looked on from the other side of the glass, concerned. Commissioner Santana entered and decided to take a more physical approach to Ted, but still got no answers. Their inability to crack Ted’s hard drive passwords left Marlo, Andy and Dov frustrated. While they waited for the official tech guy to assist them, Traci received interesting news. The anonymous tip Duncan answered that took him to Ted McDonald’s house came from Ted McDonald himself. As they talked it through, Andy realized that Ted was targeting the children of the people responsible for the bombing and the trial: Breanna Kelly, daughter of the Irish mobster Aidan Kelly; the judge’s daughter; Duncan, the Commissioner’s stepson. That meant another bomb was out there destined for another child. Sam interrupted Commissioner Santana’s interrogation and asked for more time with Ted.

While Sam discussed the bomb, Ted only wanted to talk about corruption. He explained the judge was corrupt and the mob’s legitimate business was funded through the city. The permits issued for the mob’s construction business were given by the chair of the executive committee, Steven Hollick. His son was the next target. Steven’s son, Daniel, was nowhere to be found at the school and the search was on. Santana heard every word Ted said about the corruption and Ted labeled the Commissioner as someone who “just gets money thrown at him.” Ted tried again to convince Sam to see the evidence. He even offered to provide the passwords to the hard drives, but Sam’s main concern was finding Daniel. Eventually Ted told Sam he hid the bomb in Daniel’s backpack. Dov tracked Daniel via social media to a friend’s house where Chloe and Oliver arrived and found the kids. Oliver secured the backpack by placing it gently in a nearby pool.

Afterwards, Sam asked Ted if there were any more bombs. Ted assured him there were not. Ted urged Sam to get the hard drives and look at the evidence he collected. Again with the hard drives! Sam spoke briefly to the Commissioner about Ted’s allegations. It seemed like Sam was testing the legitimacy of Ted’s claims based on the Commissioner’s reaction. When Sam asked if he should hand over any evidence he might find to Internal Affairs, the Commissioner said sure – as he oversaw Internal Affairs… so maybe not the best route after all. Sam asked for the hard drives and Andy went to retrieve them from evidence. While she was in there, a bomb exploded from inside the room and the station became chaos. Sam hurried through the wreckage and called out to Andy, visibly scared. He cried when he found her beneath some rubble, amazingly only a little battered and relatively unharmed. Caught off guard and vulnerable, it was very clear how much Sam loves Andy. It was very sweet. Andy called him on his tears and he cutely claimed to have smoke in his eyes, a little comic relief after a super intense few moments.

Nick missed the commotion, as he was out at a café called the Dark Horse. He found his mystery woman whose name was Juliet. Apparently he tracked her down by the stickers on her bike and confessed he couldn’t stop thinking about her (swoon!). She admitted the same, and things seemed to progress well as they were kissing on the street corner not much later. That was until Juliet found out Nick was a cop. She immediately and awkwardly bailed without explanation. What was up with that?

When Sam returned to the interrogation room after the bombing, Ted was dead! His wrists were cut with a small blade in an apparent suicide, which I am not buying AT ALL. Obviously Ted was onto something and the Commissioner wanted him silenced (all just my theory, of course). Oliver and Sam looked on, as the scene was taped off and Sam commented that his death “made no sense.” Chris went to Oliver straight away, as he was the one to process Ted when he came in. He assured Oliver that there was no blade on Ted when he searched him. He’d accept responsibility for his mistake if he made one, but he didn’t believe he had. I’m betting this case will have big ramifications next season.

Chloe went to Dov in the dress she planned to wear to the police gala, which had been canceled. She told him she had planned to dazzle him in the dress and win him back. He was kind, told her she looked beautiful in the dress – but that it didn’t change anything. It was clear Dov couldn’t get back the trust he’d lost. She was heartbroken. Elsewhere another couple met a surprising end. Holly came happily to pick up Gail and both women had big news for the other. Gail went first, telling Holly about Sophie and her plans for adoption and how she was sure Holly would love Sophie too. But unfortunately Holly had accepted a new job in San Francisco and was going to ask Gail to join her. It was obvious to both of them that with the pending adoption, that would not be possible.

We closed out the season with Sam tending to Andy with kisses as she recovered from her brush with the bomb. All seemed well for the couple, UNTIL ! Dov was packing things up at the station and talking to Marlo, who encouraged him to mend things with Chloe. But Dov was distracted when he noticed an ultrasound photo on Marlo’s desk! Cue intense eye contact between Marlo and Dov as we fade out FOR THE SEASON! AHHHH!! Oh fans, and McSwarek lovers – what did you think of this unexpected reveal?!

That’s it for the season, my fellow Rookie Blue fans. What did you think of Season 5? Is Marlo pregnant with Sam’s baby? And if so, what does that mean for Sam and Andy’s future? Will Dov and Chloe find their way back to each other? Is there corruption within the police department? Is Commissioner Santana to blame? Are Holly and Gail finished for good? Will Gail’s adoption go through? Will Chris stay drug free? What are you hoping to see in Season 6?

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