Rookie Blue recap: Blink

Rookie Blue recap: Blink

Summer is here and that can mean only one thing: the return of Rookie Blue! If you recall, a lot happened to our beloved 15 Division during the season 4 finale. Kevin Ford wreaked havoc on the police station and almost shot beautiful Nick Collins, but Sam Swarek took the bullets instead.


Season 5 kicked off in the aftermath of the shooting where everyone seemed to be dealing with their own version of physical and emotional torment. So let’s break down what happened in “Blink.”

Andy McNally & Sam Swarek – After a teary-eyed confession of love to Sam, Andy waited anxiously for news of his condition. She was temporarily sidetracked when she and Dov caught a bite to eat. Naturally the diner they were in was being held up, with them trapped inside. Talk about a stressful day! But she was able to make it back to the hospital in time to tell Nick that she still loved Sam (booooo!) and to be loyally sitting bedside when Sam awoke. I know there are a lot of Sam and Andy fans out there, and I used to be one, but did anyone else think Nick treated her much better? The problem with Sam Swarek is he always seems to love Andy the most when they’re not together. Has anyone else noticed that? Nick was so crazy about her! Does this mean Nick is out of the running for good?

Nick Collins – Despite everything happening between his girlfriend and Sam, Nick still felt indebted to Sam for saving his life. He went on a mission to locate Sam’s estranged sister who was his next of kin. Now that Nick successfully tracked her down, how will Sam react to seeing her again?Rookie-Blue-Dov-WesDov Epstein & Chloe Price – After Chloe was shot in the neck, Dov waited alongside Chloe’s husband (husband!) Wes, for word on her condition. When Chloe woke up she asked to see Wes first. Dov took off to clear his head and was temporarily waylaid by the diner incident, which Chloe misinterpreted as the silent treatment. Oliver, who was still recovering from his head wound, visited with Chloe in a particularly heartfelt and chummy scene. As they both continued to load up Dov’s voicemail with obnoxious calls, Chloe took a turn for the worse and I seriously thought she wasn’t going to make it! It was a tense few moments as Dov literally ran from the diner to be at her side. Fortunately for us fans, Chloe survived and told Dov she spoke to Wes first only to get rid of him. Dov was the only one for her. I find the amount of honest affection Chloe has for the people in her life, so charming. (Well, everyone except Wes, that is).

Traci Nash & Steve Peck – Busy at the station after the shooting, Traci forgot to pick up her son, Leo from the babysitter. The babysitter dropped the poor kid at the station at 4am. Not cool babysitter – he’s just a kid! And what about Traci, did she seriously forgot to tell her babysitter there was a major issue at work and she’d be there all night? Ultimately, the situation escalated when Leo called Dex (Traci’s ex) to pick him up. Dex confronted Traci in front of her new boss, mean Inspector Jarvis. I have to admit, Jarvis had a point: it did seem like anyone could just stroll into the police station and do what they want. Dex angrily vowed he’d be calling a lawyer, while loyal new boyfriend Steve Peck called in a favour to dig up some dirt on Traci’s ex for custody purposes. I have a bad feeling about that. It’s not going to end well. Which parent do you think Leo would be better off with, the parent with the demanding career, or the one with no job at all? Tough call.

Gail Peck & Holly – Still reeling from the night’s events and her inadvertent “coming out” about her relationship with Holly, Gail Peck melts down in the way we know and love – a drunk mess. Drunk Gail is fun Gail – you never know what she’s going to say or do. True to form, this time she cut off a lot of her hair. When Holly found her she comforted her new ladylove, which led to some sexy shower times. It’ll be interesting to see how this new relationship, and new haircut, pan out for Gail this season. Personally I always wanted to see her get back with Chris, but maybe he was just too nice for her after all.

Chris Diaz – Speaking of Mr. Nice Guy, we didn’t get very much quality Chris time this episode. What would you like to see happen to Chris this season? After that debacle with Denise and the paternity of Christian last season, wouldn’t it be nice for Chris to find a new love interest? With all the ladies of 15 Division unavailable, who should it be?

Inspector Jarvis is the new guy in town and he’s looking to cause some big trouble. His first order of business was to hold Frank responsible for the shooting, and take his badge. It happened so quickly and so nonchalantly, I wasn’t even sure I heard it right. Is this the end of Frank for good? And if so, does that mean no more Noelle either? I was hoping we’d see her again after she finished her maternity leave. But perhaps the happy family will remain happy off-screen? If so, I’ll miss them. Noelle was so sarcastically witty and kicked ass while Frank has been the father figure of 15 Division.

What did you think of “Blink”? What trouble will Jarvis make for 15 Division? What did you think of Gail’s new hair? And most importantly, should Andy be with Nick or Sam?

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