Fans’ choice: Watch the top 10 Rookie Blue scenes of all time

Fans’ choice: Watch the top 10 Rookie Blue scenes of all time

We’ve been through so many heat-stopping moments together on Rookie Blue. And we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Andy, Gail, Dov, Chris, Tracy, Sam and Nick in season 6. While you’re waiting, take a look back some favourite moments from the first 5 seasons, as chosen by the fans!

1. The Alibi

Rookie Blue fan Christy Spratlin’s favourite scene: “That scene towards the end of Two Truths and a Lie (Season 5 Episode 6) where Sam finally opened up to Andy about what happened between him and his dad. It was such a powerful and meaningful scene. He finally let his wall down. And he told her he loved her. That’s my favorite.”


2.  Locker room

Rookie Blue fan Nadine Abd Elmalak’s favourite scene:  “Definitely the end of Season 5 Episode 9 Moving Day where Andy and Chloe are in the locker room. The awkwardness and the hilarity of that scene seals the deal for me!! It’s TOO GOOD!! Watching their friendship bloom is definitely one of the greatest aspects of the show!”


3.  Serve, protect and don’t screw up

Rookie Blue fan Rachel Luciano’s favourite scene: “The rookies’ final scene in the pilot at The Penny discussing their first day”


4. Andy busts Sam

Rookie Blue fan Theresa Snow’s favourite scene: “My favorite Rookie Blue moment and scenes came from the pilot episode. It was the episode that started this all and we met the rookies who changed us all. From them screwing up to Andy busting undercover Sam on her first day to is witnessing the started of a amazing epic love story and couple to ever graces TV screen. Yup we were introduced to McSwarek.


5.  Disregard

Rookie Blue fan Alison ‏(@vixenali81)’s favourite scene:  The parking lot scene at the end of Mercury Retrograde (Season 1 Episode 2) with Sam and Andy flirting and feeling that spark!


6.  Gail’s haircut:

Rookie Blue fan Theresa Grasso ‏(@TheresaGrasso)’s favourite scene: “In Blink (Season 5 Episode 1) Gail & Holly. In Holly’s bathtub, Holly cleaning up G’s haircut.”


7. Sam is rescued

Rookie Blue fan Alyssa Moore’s favourite scene: “The scene in Season 2 Episode 13 where Sam gets rescued and after, he walks out of the house and sees Andy and just for a second they look at each other. So much is said with that look. (This is also Ben Bass’ favorite.)”


8. Hot Dog rap

Rookie Blue fan Rachel Luciano’s favourite scene: “Chloe’s hot dog rap in Season 5 Episode 9”


9. Andy is shot

Rookie Blue fan Gina (‏@andys_mcnally)’s favourite scene: “After Andy was shot in Season 2 Episode 1, Sam pulling Andy off to the side and needing to see for himself that she is okay. ICONIC.”


10.  Tracy reading Jerry’s wedding speech

Rookie Blue fan Denise Jeffrey (‏@dcjeffrey)’s favourite scene: “Top Traci Moment. Season 3 Episode 10 at The Penny. Hard to call it top because it was so sad, but @enukaokuma rocked it.”


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