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Semaphore Sign in to watch


Season 2 | Episode 13

Airdate: June 30, 2018

Eric's archnemesis, Damian Delaine, brainwashes Evie and threatens to turn her into a murderer unless Eric helps him destabilize the world economy.

Promised Land Sign in to watch

Promised Land

Season 2 | Episode 12

Airdate: June 30, 2018

Eric becomes a hostage when he negotiates for the release of a couple being held by illegal immigrants in rural Canada.

The Client Sign in to watch

The Client

Season 2 | Episode 11

Airdate: June 23, 2018

Eric is hired by two adolescents whose parents are held hostage by a ruthless mob boss.

Radio Silence Sign in to watch

Radio Silence

Season 2 | Episode 10

Airdate: June 16, 2018

A crisis and hostage negotiator and his team solve challenging kidnapping and ransom cases.

Hardline Sign in to watch


Season 2 | Episode 9

Airdate: June 9, 2018

Eric must negotiate the release of the daughter of the prime minister of the Netherlands -- a woman notorious for never paying kidnappers' ransoms.

The Fawn Sign in to watch

The Fawn

Season 2 | Episode 8

Airdate: June 2, 2018

Eric negotiates with a convicted serial killer to get insight when a teenage boy is kidnapped by someone who is copying the killer's methods.

Anatomy of a Lost Cause Sign in to watch

Anatomy of a Lost Cause

Season 2 | Episode 7

Airdate: May 26, 2018

A hostage is executed in the midst of a high-stakes negotiation; Eric is charged with aiding and abetting the kidnapper and struggles in the wake of his fatal error.

Legacy Sign in to watch


Season 2 | Episode 6

Airdate: May 12, 2018

Eric fights to save his mother's life when she is kidnapped and ordered to perform heart surgery on a dangerous crime boss; Eric realizes he needs help from his estranged father.

A Free Man in Paris Sign in to watch

A Free Man in Paris

Season 2 | Episode 4

Airdate: April 28, 2018

A former Guantanamo guard is taken hostage by terrorists; Eric's best chance of saving him is to work with a former detainee who is working with the captors.

Secrets and Spies Sign in to watch

Secrets and Spies

Season 2 | Episode 3

Airdate: April 21, 2018

Eric and Oliver plunge into a world of espionage when a CIA spy disguised as an American diamond broker is kidnapped in Vienna; Oliver gets an interesting job offer.

Alters Sign in to watch


Season 2 | Episode 2

Airdate: April 14, 2018

As Eric and Zara provide risk assessment services at an investment bank, they are taken hostage by a gunman; Eric must negotiate for their release.

Three Wishes Sign in to watch

Three Wishes

Season 2 | Episode 1

Airdate: April 7, 2018

When Eric's daughter is kidnapped, he must fulfill three ransom demands from his long-time adversary Damien Delaine.

Black Dolphin

Black Dolphin

Season 1

Airdate: February 23, 2019

The FBI asks Eric to convince the brainwashed survivor of an internet predator to reveal the identity of the person who incites vulnerable people to harm themselves.



Season 1

Airdate: February 16, 2019

Eric and the Crisis Resolution team are brought in to negotiate a blood money payoff when a man is murdered and the killer threatens to kill his wife, too.

Refuge Sign in to watch


Season 1 | Episode 12

Airdate: April 8, 2017

Eric is called to negotiate with a burglar who is holding a family hostage after they catch him breaking into their safe.

The Castle Sign in to watch

The Castle

Season 1 | Episode 11

Airdate: March 25, 2017

When five teens are lured into a trap while playing a smartphone game, Eric and the team negotiate their release.

The Artist Sign in to watch

The Artist

Season 1 | Episode 10

Airdate: March 11, 2017

While Eric and the team try to negotiate the return of valuable paintings stolen from an art gallery, the thief kidnaps a gallery staffer.

Girl On A Train Sign in to watch

Girl On A Train

Season 1 | Episode 9

Airdate: March 4, 2017

A couple in France turn to Eric and his team for help after their daughter is abducted from a train and possibly sold into human trafficking.

Say What You Did Sign in to watch

Say What You Did

Season 1 | Episode 8

Airdate: February 25, 2017

When a senator's daughter is kidnapped, Eric and the team must delve into the senator's darkest secrets in an attempt to bring the girl home safely; Eric's attempt to keep his own daughter safe backfires.

Regeneration Sign in to watch


Season 1 | Episode 7

Airdate: February 18, 2017

Maxine leads the team in her first negotiation after Eric and other guests at a retreat are taken hostage by the fanatical leader of a militia group.

Celina Sign in to watch


Season 1 | Episode 6

Airdate: February 11, 2017

A French couple hire Eric and his team to rescue their kidnapped surrogate baby who has a dangerous medical condition and needs immediate care.

The Enemy Within Sign in to watch

The Enemy Within

Season 1 | Episode 5

Airdate: February 4, 2017

Eric's ex-boss from the FBI brings him in to negotiate with an extremist from a racist group threatening to set off bombs all over New York City.

Joe Sign in to watch


Season 1 | Episode 4

Airdate: January 28, 2017

When a software company engineer is taken hostage, Eric and the team email the kidnapper but discover a third party is intercepting their correspondence and sabotaging the negotiation.

The Box Sign in to watch

The Box

Season 1 | Episode 3

Airdate: January 21, 2017

Eric and the team must figure out how to negotiate with bank robbers who are not demanding cash.

Grand Slam Sign in to watch

Grand Slam

Season 1 | Episode 2

Airdate: January 7, 2017

Eric and the team try to save the life and sporting dreams of an up-and-coming baseball player in Louisville, Ky., whose survival hinges on negotiating for a bone marrow match that is being ransomed for $5 million.

The Return Sign in to watch

The Return

Season 1 | Episode 1

Airdate: January 1, 2017

A team of top negotiators travel around the globe to help multinational corporations and governmental agencies with complex negotiations and conflict resolution.

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