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Ransom | Season 2

Ransom returns to the life-and-death world of crisis and hostage negotiator Eric Beaumont and his elite team. As they negotiate with top-ranking criminals and delve deep into the world of high-stakes hostage situations, the team members struggle to balance their personal lives, with a criminal world that knows no boundaries. Moments after the kidnapping of Eric’s 15-year-old daughter, Evie, the team is against the clock as they face the demands of the dangerous and unusual kidnapper. Eric must come to grips with his darkest fear – that his work has put his family directly in harm’s way. After having found her footing in the team, Maxine’s personal life suffers from their intense work, while she and Oliver grow closer working on a case. During a diplomatically challenging case Zara faces her demons from the past when a former NYPD colleague is involved in a case.

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