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UFO & Area 51 Sign in to watch

UFO & Area 51

Season 2 | Episode 22

Airdate: April 27, 2018

Mac and Riley are called in to examine a mysterious object that crash-landed in the Nevada desert; Riley uncovers new information about Mac's father but questions whether to deliver it to him after he says he needs to move on.

Wind & Water Sign in to watch

Wind & Water

Season 2 | Episode 21

Airdate: April 20, 2018

While helping a friend in Puerto Rico, MacGyver is taken hostage by robbers who are attempting to steal $2 million from the bank his friend manages.

Benjamin Franklin & Grey Duffle Sign in to watch

Benjamin Franklin & Grey Duffle

Season 2 | Episode 19

Airdate: April 6, 2018

As Mac and the team investigate the suspicious death of Dawn's CIA supervisor, the evidence leads to a dirty CIA agent and a massive counterfeiting ring.

Bear Trap & Mob Boss

Bear Trap & Mob Boss

Season 2 | Episode 17

Airdate: March 9, 2018

Mac, Jack and Riley set out to find a mobster-turned-informant after he's kidnapped and taken to Chernobyl by an international crime boss; Bozer struggles to keep a secret from Matty.

Hammock & Balcony Sign in to watch

Hammock & Balcony

Season 2 | Episode 16

Airdate: March 2, 2018

The team members pose as honeymoon couples at a resort in an attempt to befriend the son of a Serbian war criminal; Bozer wonders if Matty knows about his relationship with Leanna; Jack recruits Elwood to help him break into Matty's home.

Murdoc & Handcuffs Sign in to watch

Murdoc & Handcuffs

Season 2 | Episode 15

Airdate: February 2, 2018

One of Murdoc's assassins agrees to hand over Murdoc to MacGyver in exchange for $10 million; the team finds itself protecting Murdoc from a former mentor who wants him dead; Jack realizes he may still have feelings for Riley's mother.

Mardi Gras Beads & Chair Sign in to watch

Mardi Gras Beads & Chair

Season 2 | Episode 14

Airdate: January 19, 2018

The team heads to New Orleans to track down a con artist posing as the wife of one of Jack's old CIA aliases; enemies of his old alias resurface looking for revenge.

Mac & Jack Sign in to watch

Mac & Jack

Season 2 | Episode 12

Airdate: January 5, 2018

When Mac's nemesis rigs Mac's house with explosives and traps him and Jack inside, Mac uses a karaoke mic and an audio transformer to let the team know that the bomb is a distraction for a bigger one.

Bullet & Pen Sign in to watch

Bullet & Pen

Season 2 | Episode 11

Airdate: December 15, 2017

The LAPD interrupts the team's Christmas celebration to arrest Mac for terrorism when they find a body in a building destroyed by a bomb Mac built.

War Room & Ship Sign in to watch

War Room & Ship

Season 2 | Episode 10

Airdate: December 8, 2017

Mac must help college students stranded on a research ship in the Arctic Ocean; Jack kidnaps Elwood to find out what he's up to; Bozer's feelings toward Leanna grow stronger.

CD-ROM & Hoagie Foil Sign in to watch

CD-ROM & Hoagie Foil

Season 2 | Episode 9

Airdate: December 1, 2017

Mac and the team follow mercenaries who are transporting stolen lethal nerve gas; Jack confronts Elwood about Riley; Bozer is pushed to his limit in spy school.

Packing Peanuts & Fire Sign in to watch

Packing Peanuts & Fire

Season 2 | Episode 8

Airdate: November 17, 2017

MacGyver and Jack steal a priceless painting to draw out an infamous stolen art dealer; Riley's estranged father asks to be part of her life; Matty sends Bozer to a spy training camp.

Duct Tape & Jack Sign in to watch

Duct Tape & Jack

Season 2 | Episode 7

Airdate: November 10, 2017

MacGyver uses a heater and tabasco sauce to help a key presidential candidate in Ecuador receive a heart transplant he desperately needs after a rebel group tries to sabotage delivery of the organ

Skull & Electromagnet Sign in to watch

Skull & Electromagnet

Season 2 | Episode 5

Airdate: October 27, 2017

 The team's Halloween plans are interrupted when the vice president's son's plane goes down with a mysterious prisoner on board.

X-Ray & Penny Sign in to watch

X-Ray & Penny

Season 2 | Episode 4

Airdate: October 20, 2017

When Murdoc drugs and kidnaps MacGyver, Mac must escape and join the team to save Murdoc's next victim.

Roulette Wheel & Wire Sign in to watch

Roulette Wheel & Wire

Season 2 | Episode 3

Airdate: October 13, 2017

MacGyver, using cuff links and a wire, tries to gain access to diamonds in a casino vault before a terrorist group can remove and sell them in exchange for a weapon of mass destruction.

Muscle Car and Paper Clips Sign in to watch

Muscle Car and Paper Clips

Season 2 | Episode 2

Airdate: October 6, 2017

MacGyver, using a necklace and a microwave transmitter, tries to locate Riley after her first solo mission with a group of dangerous hackers goes off the rails.



Season 2

Airdate: September 29, 2017

MacGyver uses a cell phone and soccer ball in the search for a Navy SEAL who is believed to be held captive in the Middle East.

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