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Bye Bye Birdie

Bye Bye Birdie

Season 1

Airdate: June 3, 2018

Dylan and Lizzie look into the attempted murder of a successful author; Lizzie gets closer to learning the truth about the death of her fiance, who was killed while under cover.

Long Shot

Long Shot

Season 1 | Episode 8

Airdate: May 27, 2018

When a woman is shot outside a community center, Dylan and Lizzie are challenged by the mayor to solve the case in less than 24 hours to quell pressure from the media and special interest groups.

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Season 1 | Episode 7

Airdate: May 6, 2018

Dylan and Lizzie are under pressure to deliver results when they investigate the death of Jasmine's friend, the owner of a professional basketball team who died when her car went off a bridge.

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Flat Line

Season 1 | Episode 6

Airdate: April 29, 2018

Dylan and Julian go undercover in a hospital when they suspect an angel of death is killing people with non-life-threatening ailments. Also, Lizzie asks Andy for his legal expertise when a personal trainer sues her for accidentally injuring him.

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Season 1 | Episode 5

Airdate: April 22, 2018

Dylan and Lizzie investigate the murder of a Jane Doe, but when they realize that the victim was killed by mistake, they must identify the killer's motive and intended target before she suffers the same fate.

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I Heart New York

Season 1 | Episode 4

Airdate: April 8, 2018

Dr. Dylan Reinhart and Det. Lizzie Needham are reassigned to a murder case in Central Park when their investigation into a chemical attack on the subway is taken over by an FBI team led by Dylan's estranged father, Roger. However, Dylan can't shake the feeling that the cases are related.

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Secrets and Lies

Season 1 | Episode 3

Airdate: April 1, 2018

The murder of a young man who recently left his family's religious community leads Dylan and Lizzie to a series of possible suspects, including a short-tempered photographer and a mysterious girl with amnesia. Also, Lizzie's younger sister unexpectedly drops by for a visit.

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Wild Game

Season 1 | Episode 2

Airdate: March 25, 2018

Although Dylan has returned to teaching, Lizzie calls upon his expertise with profiling sociopaths to assist with a bizarre case in which a venture capitalist was murdered and his body ritualistically displayed.

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Season 1 | Episode 1

Airdate: March 18, 2018

In the series premiere, former CIA operative Dr. Dylan Reinhart is lured back to his old life when NYPD detective Lizzie Needham needs his help to stop a serial killer.

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