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E Ho'oko Kuleana (To Do One’s Duty) Sign in to watch

E Ho'oko Kuleana (To Do One’s Duty)

Season 8 | Episode 18

Airdate: March 30, 2018

The ex-wife of the man who shot Danny reveals how Danny helped save her life; Tani and Junior are assigned to walk the beat as uniformed officers for the day; Adam is framed for the murder of the crime boss he has been tracking.

Na Keiki A Kalaihoahia (The Children of Kalaihoahia)

Na Keiki A Kalaihoahia (The Children of Kalaihoahia)

Season 8 | Episode 14

Airdate: January 19, 2018

The corpse of a diamond smuggler is stolen from a graveyard; Five-0 tracks down his partner, who is determined to retrieve their latest batch of contraband; Adam recruits a new, confidential informant; Tani gets a devastating call.

Ka Hopu Nui 'Ana (The Round Up) Sign in to watch

Ka Hopu Nui 'Ana (The Round Up)

Season 8 | Episode 12

Airdate: January 5, 2018

When an FBI agent who was cracking down on organized crime is killed, McGarrett rounds up every gang-related criminal on the island to find the culprit responsible for the murder.

Na La 'ilio (Dog Days) Sign in to watch

Na La 'ilio (Dog Days)

Season 8 | Episode 2

Airdate: October 6, 2017

McGarrett and the team work with an injured police dog that is the only witness to an ambushed drug bust; a former SEAL looks to join the task force.

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