What’s on Global TV this week? February 23 – March 1

What’s on Global TV this week? February 23 – March 1
Your weekly Global primetime highlights

Our weekly roundup of this week’s must-see Global primetime episodes.


The Night Shift – “Recovery”

The Night Shift "Recovery" 
The Night Shift “Recovery” – Season 2 Episode 1

Airs Monday, February 23 at 8 et/pt
For those of you who are not familiar with The Night Shift, it is a similar show to Remedy, both shows are set in a hospital. Here is a brief overview of the show: Life in the emergency room at San Antonio Memorial is never routine, and the men and women that make up the night shift team are a special breed. The new season finds the crew still recovering from a shocking hostage situation that left one of their colleagues dead. The experience brought them all a little closer but also exposed some personal weaknesses. Tune in the season premiere of The Night Shift airing Monday February, 23 at 8 et/pt. Check out the show page for additional information such as; cast list, episode guide.


Sleepy Hollow – “Tempus Fugit”

Sleepy Hollow "Tempus Fugit"
Sleepy Hollow “Tempus Fugit” – Season 2 Episode 18

Airs Monday, February 23 at 9 et/pt
With season 2 coming to a finale, big things are expected to happen. Here’s what to expect without giving too much away; residents will forever change, familiar faces will perish and a key relationship will implode beyond its repair.  To all the Sleepy Hollow fans, prepare to expect the unexpected. You never know what other surprises might be featured during the season finale. Also, bring tissue boxes and popcorn, because this is going to be a BIG one. In case you miss the finale, you can watch it the next day through our Global Go App, or online.


NCIS: Los Angeles – “Expiration Date”

NCIS: Los Angeles "Expiration Date"
NCIS: Los Angeles “Expiration Date” – Season 6 Episode 14

Airs Monday, February 23 at 10 et/pt
Coming back from hiatus and without spoiling the whole episode, here is a brief synopsis of the upcoming episode: Callen and Sam are tasked with apprehending a spy contracted by the CIA, and something bad happens to Sam, so the team enlists the help of Thapa, the elite Nepali soldier from their past, to help. In case you forgot, Ernie Reyes Jr plays Thapa. Also, Kensi and Deeks have their first official… argument, yes their first. Tune in Monday for the thrilling episode of NCIS: Los Angeles.


NCIS – “Blast From The Past”

NCIS "Blast From The Past"
NCIS “Blast From The Past” – Season 1 Episode 16

Airs Tuesday, February 24 at 8 et/pt
During this episode of NCIS; A covert identity created for one of Gibbs’ undercover cases 20 years ago resurfaces after a murder victim is found living under the alias. When you least expect something to happen, it happens. Tune in Tuesday at 8 et/pt or watch it online Wednesday February, 25.


NCIS: New Orleans – “My Brother’s Keeper”

NCIS: New Orleans "My Brother's Keeper"
NCIS: New Orleans “My Brother’s Keeper” – Season 3 Episode 15

Airs Tuesday, February 24 at 9 et/pt
After a Navy recruiter is the target of a lethal hit and run, the NCIS team investigates whether the murder was tied to her career or her role as a foster mother to two brothers. Also, Lasalle grows increasingly concerned for his brother’s welfare after welcoming him into his home. Even the title of the episode makes you curious. Watch the new episode Tuesday at 9 et/pt.


Survivor: Words Apart Season 30

Survivor: Worlds Apart Cast
Survivor: Worlds Apart Cast – Season 30 Episode 1

Airs Wednesday, February 25 at 8 et/pt
Another season of Survivor returns on Wednesday February, 25 with a new cast. 30 years and the hit show is still a ‘must watch’ on today’s local TV listings. We have a few trailers and sneak peaks for this season’s premiere. Check them out here:
Survivor trailer: premieres February 25
ET Canada Jeff Probst Assesses ‘Survivor’ Season 30 Cast 


Chicago P.D – “What Puts You On That Ledge”

Chicago P.D "What Puts You On That Ledge"
Chicago P.D “What Puts You On That Ledge” – Season 2 Episode 16

Airs Wednesday, February 25 at 10 et/pt
Antonio heads undercover with a dangerous robbery after a narcotics officer goes missing. Commander Fischer updates Voight on a missing officer that Narcotics had deep undercover with a robbery crew. Antonio connected with one of the crew members years ago, so he’s asked to reestablish contact to help them find the officer. Meanwhile, Roman and Burgess are dealing with a squatter situation and they enlist Chicago Fire’s Mouch to help. Tune in Wednesday at 10 et/pt to see it all go down. Follow us on our Twitter page at @Global_TV for updates.


The Blacklist – “The Deer Hunter”

The Blacklist "The Deer Hunter"
The Blacklist “The Deer Hunter” – Season 2 Episode 13

Airs Thursday, February 26 at 9 et/pt
When Liz learns of a serial killer known as “The Deer Hunter” who tracks his victims like prey, Red helps the task force search for the killer. Meanwhile, the local DC police suspect the city Harbormaster was murdered as Liz struggles to keep her secret from unraveling. Amanda Plummer who guest stars on the episode might seem familiar to some viewers, because she played Wiress on the hit movie franchise ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’. You won’t want to miss a new episode of The Blacklist, Thursday at 9 et/pt.


The Victoria’s Secret Swim Swim Special

Victoria's Secret Facebook
Image from Victoria’s Secret Facebook

Airs Thursday, February 26 at 10 et/pt
As if one Victoria’s Secret fashion show wasn’t amazing enough, this year they to let us be part of their swim special. Victoria’s Secret Angels will be at the beach in Puerto Rico to shoot their swimwear campaign, and we get to air the whole thing! If you aren’t into half-clothed supermodels, there are moments of the girls being adventurous throughout the island for the shoot. We also get to chit-chat with the models about their life outside of work. Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Joan Smalls and Behati Prinsloo are few of the many models featured in the special. Also, the band Maroon Five will be joining them on the island to perform only for the show. You cannot miss this amazing special airing on Global at 10 et/pt. In case you wanted to have a sneak peak, visit the promo here.
Want more information about the upcoming swim special? Check out ET Canada‘s article ‘Update: Victoria’s Secret Swimwear Coming To A TV Screen Near You‘.


Hawaii Five-0  – “Kuka’ Awale (Stakeout)”

Haawaii Five- 0 "Kuka' Awale (Stakeout)"
Hawaii Five- 0 “Kuka’ Awale (Stakeout)” – Season  Episode 17

Airs Friday, February 27 at 9 et/pt
It seems like there are a numerous amount of robberies throughout this week’s shows, including Friday’s episode of #H50. On Friday, McGarrett and Danny work on their relationship, while they stakeout a woman’s apartment after she escapes following a diamond robbery. Special guest and Emmy Award Winner Cloris Leachman makes an appearance as Ruth Tennenbaum. Other guest stars to appear on the episode are; Charlie Saxton, Jon Lovitz and Jessica Lowndes. Watch the episode online the following day.


Madam Secretary – “The Whisper Of The Ax”

Madam Secretary "The Whisper Of The Ax"
Madam Secretary “The Whisper Of The Ax” – Season 1 Episode 14

Airs Sunday, March 1 at 8 et/pt
Madam Secretary fans, it is back! After being on hiatus for weeks, it finally has made it’s return. Here’s what to expect on the comeback episode: Elizabeth is humiliated at a public budget hearing when her staff fails to find the corruption that exists in her micro loan program. Also, the investigation into Marsh’s death continues. Catch the new episode Sunday March, 1 at 8 et/pt, or watch it online Monday March, 2.


The Good Wife – “Dark Money”

The Good Wife "Dark Money" - Season 6 Episode 13
The Good Wife “Dark Money” – Season 6 Episode 13

Airs Sunday, March 1 at 9 et/pt
Two out of this week’s three premieres! The Good Wife returns after yet another long hiatus. During the episode audience members are told to expect three guest stars. In case fans are cringing to know what will happen on the episode, we have some information to share. When Colin Sweeney accuses a television producer of basing an unflattering character and show on his life, Diane and Cary must prove that they are capable of handling his case as Alicia focuses on the race for State’s Attorney. Also, Alicia competes against Frank Prady for a major campaign donation. Ed Asner guest stars as a Guy Redmayne and David Hyde Pierce Returns as Frank Prady. Tune in Sunday March, 1 at 9 et/pt for the return of The Good Wife.


Battle Creek – “The Battle Creek Way”

Battle Creek "The Battle Creek Way"
Battle Creek “The Battle Creek Way” – Season 1 Episode 1

Airs Sunday, March 1 at 10 et/pt
A brand new show comes to Global! Battle Creek stars Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters in a drama about two mismatched law enforcement officers whose polar opposite views of the world and crime-solving breed frustration, disdain, humour and possibly a grudging respect as they clean up the hardscrabble streets of Battle Creek, Michigan. This series is from Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and House creator David Shore. To find out more information about the new show premiering on Global Sunday March, 1, check out the show page. In case you wanted to view some trailers:
Battle Creek trailer: Sunday, Mar 1 (1)
Battle Creek trailer: Sudnay, March 1 (2)


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