The 2015 SAG Awards were anything but! (saggy, that is)

The 2015 SAG Awards were anything but! (saggy, that is)

It’s that time again when we visit our sister site,, to see which infotainment gems they have on offer that will not only enrich my TV-watching experience but enrich my life as a whole.

2015 SAG Awards Red Carpet

There’s simply no denying it: You like awards ceremonies. Even for awards you’re not even nominated for. Is it the pomp? The circumstance? The pomperstance (the circumpomp?)? I’m not sure what it is about beautiful people dressed smartly but it gets your finger clicking.

If you’ve seen our coverage of the recent SAG Awards and the carpet-walking that preceded it, then you will not be disappointed by what follows. If you haven’t checked out our 43 slides of hot “hit or miss” action then you will also not be disappointed by what follows.

And if you’re one of those who cares about identifying winners and losers, then you should check out our equally entertaining highlights from the ceremony, in which we tell you who won, lost, and who was honoured just to be nominated.

The Blacklist - Season 2


Interview: Megan Boone On Explosive Super Bowl Episode Of ‘The Blacklist’

If, on Sunday, if you find yourself simultaneously picking pork rinds out of your teeth and wondering what could possibly top the savage ballet that is pro football, I may have the answer. Global will be airing a monumental double-episode of ‘The Blacklist’ — the second-season premiere that guarantees this to be the most explosive season of ‘The Blacklist’ (admittedly not a big statement given there has only been one season). Star Megan Boone and executive producer Jon Bokemkamp talk about the new season and where we can expect ol’ Red to head before the season’s dead.



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