SNL puts on a little S&L (song & laughter) for its 40th anniversary

SNL puts on a little S&L (song & laughter) for its 40th anniversary

It’s that time again when we visit our sister site,, to see which infotainment gems they have on offer that will not only enrich your TV-watching experience but enrich your life as a whole.

If it isn’t one thing it’s another round these parts. So many red carpets (and backdrops that are smaller than they look in photos) to keep us occupied from week to week, we could dedicate yet another of these wraps focusing solely on one event. So that’s what we’ll do.

(I’m also buzzing from my ability to pull off the ‘song & laughter’ pun in the title so probably best not to belabour these intros too much.)

First, there was the list of those purported to be making an appearance



Then those same people showed up last Sunday and dazzled on the red carpet (we presume everyone who RSVP’d did in fact show up; we didn’t have access to the guest list).


Then there was the behind-the-scenes pics (bless you, Instagram!) which, in some respects, were more interesting than the, er… front-of-the-scenes stuff, as the elbows from today and yesterday rubbed fondly throughout Studio 8H at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.


THEN there was the actual broadcast…

That’s a lot of Saturday Night Live, which is no longer live but is now living in perpetuity online. For you.


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