Meet the cast of The Second City Project!

Meet the cast of The Second City Project!

By Neta Jeffery –

Canadians know funny. It’s a fact. A Canadian created Saturday Night Live, and of course, Canadians are responsible for the CanCon comedy classic, SCTV. Now, following in that grand tradition of Canadian-produced comedy, Global is proud to launch The Second City Project!

The Second City Project is a multi-platform comedy program from the famous Second City Comedy clubs of Toronto and Chicago. The  Second City Project debuts in a special event on Global TV on April 19, 2015 , but clips and sketches are already available online! Check them out here.

Now, meet the breakout team behind this hilarious new project!

Bob Martin

As showrunner, Bob is the driving force behind The Second City Project, and he has no shortage of experience in creating comedy! A comedian and actor as well as a writer,  Bob has been at the helm of shows like Slings and Arrows, Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays, and Sensitive Skin, starring Kim Cattrall. Oh and he’s starred in a Broadway play, too  – no big deal.

Follow him on Twitter, at @drstorper!

If you want to know all about how Bob approaches his job as showrunner, check out this video:


Marty Adams

Marty is a breakout comedian who’s not only a Second City Toronto veteran, but a Canadian Comedy Award-winner, and a familiar face from Lost Girl,  Orphan Black, The Ron James Show, and Hemlock Grove.

Follow Marty on Twitter, at @THEMartyAdams!


Tim Baltz

Tim isn’t Canadian, but we’ll forgive him because he is just so funny. An alum of Second City Chicago, Tim has been making his mark in the comedy world, as well as appearing on TV hits like Chicago PD and Veep.

Tim’s Twitter  profile says “as you can see, my head fell off while I was shopping for pants”. If you want to know what that means, you should probably follow Tim at @btimothee


Caitlin Howden

Hailing from Montreal, Caitlin is an improv queen who has been nominated for thirteen – THIRTEEN! – Canadian Comedy Awards.

Follow Caitlin on Twitter at @caitlinhowden

Check our Caitlin’s sketch-pitching skills – and her castmates’ inability to understand her – in this clip!


Kayla Lorette

Toronto-based Kayla is an experienced sketch and improv comedian, with credits from around the globe! She’s also a Gemini nominee for her work on That’s So Weird. Her comedy skills are eclipsed only by her inability to manage her expenses, apparently, in this sketch:

Follow Kayla on Twitter at @KaylaLorette!

Sam Richardson

Another Chicagoan, Sam has all kinds of funny-TV experience, having appeared on shows like Arrested Development, Veep, and The Office.  Despite this, Sam Richardson is somehow not the first Sam Richardson on Twitter. Follow the NINTH Sam Richardson at @samrichardson9!

Steve Waltien

Steve is another Chicago-based Second City vet who has penned three of the club’s mainstage shows, including one that won Best Sketch Show of the Year! Check out this sketch in which Steve … doesn’t really seem to understand how stand-up comedy works.

Follow the very funny Steve Waltien at @waltien!

Paul Bates

Paul is a Toronto comedian who manages to be everywhere at once. While working on the sensational sci-fi improv podcast, Illusionoid, Paul is also seen on TV on Dan For Mayor, The Ron James Show, and Puppets Who Kill, and on stage in shows he’s created and performed, including the Dora Award-nominated SARS-ical.

Check Paul out on Twitter , at @batesbot9000!




When is The Second City Project on TV? The Second City Project broadcast event special airs Sunday April 19  at 8.30 et/pt on Global TV
Where can I watch The Second City Project online for free? streams sketches from the The Second City Project crew for free, or watch with the Global Go app on your iOS or Android mobile device.


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