Fire, Med, PD recap: Top #OneChicago moments

Fire, Med, PD recap: Top #OneChicago moments

It was a powerful week in television, as three of the most exciting dramas on screen came together for a crossover that we won’t soon forget!

Here’s a recap of each show in the #OneChicago crossover – plus the top moments:

Chicago Fire (Part 1) – “The Beating Heart

No one saw it coming when Freddie lost it on Hermann at the end of episode 9. So, with severe stab wounds, Hermann is rushed to Med to be treated by Dr. Rhodes. Gabby, Severide, and the Firehouse 51 family are there to support Cindy and hold vigil for Hermann. But under it all is the question of where Freddie has gone… and what the team will do when they find him. That’s where PD comes in, with Voight and the Intelligence squad tracking down Freddie’s whereabouts – while Joe goes vigilante trying to fix the mess he thinks he made. Meanwhile, a call to a house-fire reveals a suspicious suicide case… But more on that in Chicago Med!

Best moment: In the midst of a heavy episode, one good thing happened – or almost did!


Chicago Med (Part 2) – “Malignant

The story only gets more twisted, as Hermann crashes repeatedly, and Severide blames Dr. Rhodes’ face for it. Luckily Hermann stabilizes, and the doctors turn their attention to the attempted suicide from the fire. Dr. Charles can’t help but think there’s something wrong with the case – and soon enough the doctors start seeing parallels to the cases of two other women, who all have false cancer diagnoses. Meanwhile, April’s brother Noah starts his internship at the hospital – and uses April and Sarah to do his work for him.

Best moment: April and Severide get away from the craziness to share a moment in the elevator…


Chicago PD (Part 3) – “Now I’m God

In the final installment of the crossover, the misdiagnosed cancer patients take centre stage. Voight, Lindsay, and Halstead follow the paper trail back to a renowned oncologist – the very same one who treated Voight’s wife, Camille, when she was dying 6 years prior. The case gets personal for Intelligence, and they rely on Dr. Charles to do his sneaky psychological profiling thing on the crooked doctor. Meanwhile, the internal affairs investigation ramps up against Roman, but Platt and Burgess are determined to do whatever it takes to clear his name.

Best moment: No one can work a suspect like Dr. Charles – remind us why he’s on Med and not PD…?

Tune in on January 13 at 10 et/pt for the new Chicago PD; January 18 at 9 et/pt for the new Chicago Fire; and January 20 at 9 et/pt for the new Chicago Med!


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