Erin Cebula dishes on the castaways, who could win, and her own Survivor ambitions!

Erin Cebula dishes on the castaways, who could win, and her own Survivor ambitions!

Erin Cebula is the host of ET Canada’s Ultimate Survivor Adventure – bringing us behind the scenes with Jeff Probst and the crew, showing us how the show gets made in some of the world’s toughest locations, and giving us the inside scoop on each of the Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance castaways.

Now, fresh from Cambodia and armed with major insight into the upcoming season of Survivor, Erin Cebula dishes to Global about the castaways, who has a shot at winning, and her own Survivor gameplay!

“[It] was exotic and gorgeous and hot and wild and challenging”

The castaways pick up supplies as the 31st season of Survivor begins
The Tribes arrive at the start of their journey, during the special 90-minute season premiere of Survivor, Sept. 23 8:00-9:30 et/pt

Before we even asked our first question, Erin launched right in:
“[Filming ET Canada’s Ultimate Survivor Adventure] has been the best professional experience I’ve ever had. It was incredible! The location was exotic and gorgeous and hot and wild and challenging. I’ve been a Survivor fan for years, so to see it from a production perspective was so cool – the nerd in me was thrilled!”

Erin went on to confirm her Survivor fandom: “I’ve loved it from the start. In seasons one, two and three, especially, my friends and I would do ‘Survivor Nights’ – we’d get together to watch the show, and bet on our picks to win. We’d have a big banner of all the Castaways, and cross them out as they were voted off.”

But when it comes to this high-stakes season of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance, loaded with seasoned veteran castaways ready to fight for their second shot at the million, who does Erin think could win it all?

“Ciera and Jeff … just had something in their eyes – they’re determined”

“When I’m placing my bets I always pick the people I like – which aren’t usually the people who win! I love Jeremy [Collins]. He’s a firefighter and a good guy, and I’d love to see him take it. But in the interviews there were a couple of people who surprised me, and my bet is on one of them:  Ciera [Eastin] and Jeff Varner just had something in their eyes – they’re determined. Ciera is tiny, but she has a powerful presence – she seems so focused. Some may underestimate her, but she’s very strong and poised! And Jeff, he really wants to win. He admitted to having an alliance going in, between himself and Kimmi Kappenberg, and to even tell me that shows that he has his strategy all laid out.”

Ciera Eastin on Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance
Erin declares that Ciera Eastin could win Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance, which premieres Sept. 23 8:00-9:30 et/pt

So, does Erin think she could hack it on the show? She was quick to answer this one: “NO! I used to think I could go on Survivor, but after this trip I know I couldn’t. The temperature was 47 degrees – over 50 with the humidity. I had a bed, food, everything I’d need to get by, but the heat alone made it so hard to work. I competed in just one challenge, and I have such a newfound respect for the competitors because it is so hard, even with a full stomach! And they do it on so little food, sleeping on bamboo… if I even skip lunch, I’m a maniac.”

Erin Cebula with Jeff Probst on the set of Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance
Erin Cebula with Jeff Probst on the set of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance

But as soon as we move the game into the fantasy realm, Erin had her game-face on! When asked which of the ET Canada hosts would be the first voted off the island, Erin was quick to defend her gameplay.

“Campanelli – he’d have to be the first voted off!”

“I wouldn’t be first to go, that’s for sure! I’m a west-coast girl and I’m comfortable outdoors. I would outlast and outplay… although I’m not sure I could outwit. Roz [Weston] would be tough to beat – he’d play a great social game. But [Rick] Campanelli – he’d have to be the first voted off! He so nice, but he’s wiry. And he’s just too likeable! No one would want him making it to the end, ’cause then he might just win. So Campanelli would definitely have to go early.”

And of course, the necessary follow-up question: which ET Canada host would be Sole Survivor?

“Roz might take it. Or Sangita [Patel] – she’s scrappy. But you know what? It could be me! I’m not afraid to say it: I’m gritty.”

Come on, Rick, are you going to take that?

Tune in to Global on Wednesday September 23 at 7.30 et/pt for ET Canada’s Ultimate Survivor Adventure. And be sure to stick around, because right after that the 31st season of Survivor, Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chancepremieres at 8 et/pt on Global!


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