Death and babies on Under the Dome and romance on Extant: Global TV’s Comic-Con highlights

Death and babies on Under the Dome and romance on Extant: Global TV’s Comic-Con highlights
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Halle Berry at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Last weekend, stars and fans got together in San Diego for the annual Comic-Con and we’ve got all the juicy details (and spoilers!) from your favourite Global series.

Colin Ford and Marg Helgenberger from "Under the Dome"
Colin Ford and Marg Helgenberger from “Under the Dome”

For Under the Dome, Marg Helgenberger (Christine Price), Colin Ford (Joe McAlister) and executive producer Tim Schlattmann sat down to discuss Christine’s agenda for Chester’s Mill and all kinds of Dome spoilers that we can expect this season.

As we’ve seen in previous episodes, residents were getting desperate at the diminishing amount of food supplies and bad living conditions. Helgenberger teases that while Christine is trying to bring the town together, there will be consequences to those that try to cross her path in the meantime. On that subject, executive producer Tim Schlattmann says: “Sometimes a series can have deaths that don’t really mean anything, (but) I think this season, these deaths are really going to matter. It’s all going to start to build in tonight’s episode [“The Kinship“] and moving forward. Things are going to get bananas.”

But not all is doomed as Schlattmann teased that after death comes birth. “For Barbie [Mike Vogel], he might want to start thinking about shopping at Toys R Us,” said Schlattmann. As for Chester’s Mill’s future, they all teased that the future of humanity might as well be on Colin Ford’s character’s hands. Will Joe save the town from the Dome?

As for Extant, stars Halle Berry and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, along with series creator Mickey Fisher, sat down to discuss the new rebooted season of the show.

Extant's Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Halle Berry.
Extant’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Halle Berry.

Fisher talked about how the producers’ goal for the season was to infuse the show with new energy. “We want to hit the ground running. We really wanted to make it accessible for new viewers… we’re promising a lot of twists and turns, and fun stuff, and asking the big questions.”

Actress Halle Berry had quite a lot to say about working as the show’s producer and her brand new co-star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays JD Richter. “We knew we needed a reboot, a new direction. I got to be part of bringing this talented, sexy, hunk of a man on”, said Berry. The two actors’ on-screen chemistry was visible from the season premiere, and Berry joked that Molly will finally have “a man that wanted to kiss her!” While there may still be tension between Molly and JD, Morgan says that viewers “will see as the season progresses, [JD] continues to think she’s certifiable. These two met at a crime scene and sparks fly.”

Extant isn’t the only series that Morgan will be working on this year. The star recently announced that he will be joining the cast of The Good Wife for its upcoming season.

Catch up on the latest episodes for Extant and Under the Dome, and don’t forget to tune in Wednesday and Thursday at 10 et/pt for all-new episodes!


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