Best Simpsons episodes of all-time? You decide in our The Simpsons viewers choice marathon

Best Simpsons episodes of all-time? You decide in our The Simpsons viewers choice marathon
JUST EAT presents the Simpsons Marathon on Global

You vote, we air ’em! Everything is coming up Simpsons-super-fan this March when we air a two-day Simpsons marathon and let YOU decide what episodes make the cut.

To vote, simply visit our The Simpsons voting page  and pick your favourite episodes from each pairing. Episodes will be knocked-out each week based on the overall results, so vote early and vote often!

Check out the full list of the Top 32 episodes you can pick from below. JUST EAT presents The Simpsons Marathon on Global airs March 7 – 8 (lousy Smarch weather!) on Global.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Democracy simply doesn’t work.” – Kent Brockman

Round 3!

1. Flaming Moe’s
Homer gives Moe the recipe for a unique alcoholic drink, and when it turns into a sensation, Moe takes credit, and the profits, from its success.

2. Homer At The Bat
Mr. Burns bets one million dollars that his power plant’s softball team will win the championship, then hires professional baseball players to be members of the team.

3. Kamp Krusty
Bart and Lisa are horrified when their summer at Kamp Krusty turns into a nightmare.

4. Homer The Heretic
Homer creates his own religion as a means of escaping church services on Sundays.

5. Mr. Plow
Homer and Barney vie for Springfield’s lucrative snow plowing business.

6. Marge Vs. The Monorail
An unscrupulous profiteer sells the people of Springfield on a defective monorail system, with Homer as the conductor.

7. Cape Feare
Sideshow Bob terrorizes Bart after he is paroled from prison.

8. Homer Goes To College
Homer enrolls in a nuclear physics class at Springfield University and convinces three nerdy classmates to help him pull off a prank.

9. The Last Temptation Of Homer
Homer is attracted to a sexy co-worker with a personality identical to his own.

10. Homer The Vigilante
Homer takes the law into his own hands after Springfield is victimized by a cat burglar.

11. Deep Space Homer
NASA scientists train Homer to become the first average American in space—with near disastrous results.

Season 6 "Bart-Of-Darkness"

12. Bart Of Darkness
Bart believes he witnessed Ned Flanders murder his wife. Lisa’s popularity soars after her family buys a swimming pool during a heat wave.

13. Itchy & Scratchy Land
The Simpsons visit a theme park based on the gratuitously violent Itchy and Scratchy cartoons.

14. Treehouse Of Horror V (The Simpsons Halloween Special)
The Simpsons spin three tales of Halloween horror: “The Shinning”, “Time and Punishment” & “Nightmare Cafeteria.”

15. Lisa On Ice
Lisa joins a hockey team and finds herself pitted against Bart in a critical game.

16. Homer Badman
Homer is wrongly accused of committing sexual harassment.


Season 6 "Homer-The-Great"

17. Homer The Great
Homer’s popularity skyrockets when he is chosen as the leader of a secret organization.

18. Bart’s Comet
Bart discovers a comet that is on a collision course with Springfield.

19. The PTA Disbands!
Bart masterminds a teacher’s strike, but is humiliated when Marge takes charge of his class.


Season 6 "The-Springfield-Connection"

20. The Springfield Connection
Marge joins the police force.

21. Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)
Just about everyone in Springfield vows to kill Mr. Burns after he cheats the elementary school out of a newly discovered oil well… and threatens to block out the sun.

22. Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily
The Flanders gain custody of the Simpson children after welfare workers accuse Homer and Marge of being negligent parents.

23. King-Size-Homer
Homer intentionally gains weight so he can qualify for disability and work at home.

24. 22 Short Films About Springfield
The lives of Springfield residents are highlighted in a series of interconnecting vignettes.

25. Much APU ABout Nothing
Apu faces deportation when a referendum on illegal immigrants is placed on the Springfield ballot.

26. You Only Move Twice
The Simpsons relocate to another community after Homer unwittingly takes a job with a company controlled by a super-villain.


Season 8 "Bart-After-Dark"

27. Bart After Dark
While Marge is out of town, Homer allows Bart to work at a burlesque house.


Season 8 "Homers-Phobia"

28. Homer’s Phobia
Homer grows homophobic after he realizes the family’s new friend is gay.

29. Homer Vs The Eighteenth Amendment
Homer turns bootlegger when Springfield enforces an antiquated prohibition law.

30. Homer’s Enemy
A resentful, hard-working employee at the power plant makes Homer his enemy. Bart purchases an abandoned factory for one dollar at a government auction.

31. The City Of New York Vs. Homer Simpson
Homer must travel to New York to get his car back, which is illegally parked at World Trade Center Plaza.

Season 9 "The-Joy-Of-Sect"

32. The Joy Of Sect
Marge tries her hand at deprogramming after her family is brainwashed by a religious cult.


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