5 juicy things we learned at the TIFF premiere of Heroes Reborn!

5 juicy things we learned at the TIFF premiere of Heroes Reborn!

Global hit the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival to meet the Heroes Reborn cast, and gather some first-hand intel for you!
Here’s what we uncovered:

1. Are there  pranksters on-set? We-ellll, that’s tough to narrow down! In typical Heroes fashion, the cast are all developing their characters’ narratives and shooting separately, so they’re not always (or often) in the same room – or city. But if you ask very nicely, Robbie Kay (“Tommy”) and Gatlin Green (“Emily”) will tell you that Henry Zebrowski (“Quentin”) is doing his darndest to earn the honour of Top Heroes Pranskter.

2. Heroes love calling Toronto home. The cast has been filming in Toronto the past few months, and they say it’s been a blast! When asked what the best part has been about T.Dot, Gatlin responded, “The FOOD!” And Danika and Francesca are just about ready to pick up and move to Canada!

3. Getting to have super powers fulfills these actors’ childhood dreams! For most of the cast this is their first time working on a green screen, and getting to act and react to super powers. But unlike the first go-around of Heroes, this cast gets to step behind the camera to see what they just did – with full powers in place. Special effects technology has come a long way in the past five years!

4. As long as the world needs heroes, there’s a story. In the Q & A, creator Tim Kring gave a great nod to the longevity of the Heroes Reborn narrative – and the possibility of future seasons – saying, “As long as the world needs saving, anything is possible.” Get in on the ground floor, and be a part of the heroes army!

5. The cast wants to hear from the fans! Tell them how YOU feel about Heroes Reborn. Zachary Levi, who plays the dark & mysterious Luke, can’t say enough about the power of fans to make a show come alive. So go ahead, tweet away; the cast is listening!

The two-hour premiere of Heroes Reborn airs Sept 24 at 8 et/pt – only on Global TV!


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