This Week on ET Canada: The World Loses A TV & Film Legend

This Week on ET Canada: The World Loses A TV & Film Legend

It’s that time again when we visit our sister site,, to see which infotainment gems they have on offer that will not only enrich your TV-watching experience but enrich your life as a whole.


InstaGallery: Celebs Show Some Skin

It must be torture being a celebrity’s stylist (or haberdasher, if you will). No sooner do you garb them in the finest silks of the land, they go and take everything off and THEN take a picture. Is it the Los Angeles heat that is so unbearable that actors must bare all? Like the Bermuda Triangle and Caramilk bars, this will forever be a mystery.



Leonard Nimoy: A Retrospective Of His Extraordinary Career

In a career spanning six decades, Leonard Nimoy played countless roles in film and television, and even branched out behind the camera as the director of such hits as ‘Three Men and a Baby‘. Yet one role towers above the rest, a pointy-eared, logical Vulcan that Nimoy returned to for decades after introducing Mr. Spock in 1966 with ‘Star Trek’. Here’s a retrospective of this beloved actor’s extraordinary Hollywood career.


InstaGallery: Must-See Music Pics (Feb 21-27)

Instagram: It’s the great equalizer. It’s the service that turns everybody that encounters it into a proud shutterbug. That applies to your friends, neighbours, co-workers and garden variety megastar popular recording artists. Here’s what music‘s biggest stars were up to on Instagram over the past seven days, which, if you know how to work a calendar, encompassed the Oscars. Let’s see how these musicians played their part at the big event.


21 Tidbits Of Birthday-Boy Justin Bieber Trivia

Justin Bieber‘s had plenty of reasons to celebrate last Saturday – 21 to be exact. So to commemorate his big ‘2-1’ birthday, here are 21 fun pieces of Biebs-related trivia.



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