10 Things to Know about Limitless!

10 Things to Know about Limitless!

To get you prepared for the series premiere of Limitless on Tuesday Sept 22 on Global, here are ten things you may have forgotten about the original 2011 film, and how they relate to the new show…

  • Oscar-nominee Bradley Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a struggling writer with a book deadline and a case of writer’s block.
  • By chance, he runs into his ex-brother-in-law, who introduces Eddie to a drug called NZT-48.
  • His IQ increases exponentially, allowing him to access forgotten memories, remember crucial details he caught in passing and learn new things at an alarming rate. He even writes 90 pages of his book.
  • The quality and colour of the film change when Eddie takes NZT-48. When he is not taking it, everything is a drab blue and grey. When he takes it, the colours change to a sharper red and orange. His blue eyes also get more vividly coloured on the drug.
  • Eddie steals a near limitless supply of NZT from Vernon’s apartment after finding him dead and his apartment ransacked. He starts taking the drug regularly. He lives the high life, learning new abilities and finishes his book. He even makes over $2-million after borrowing money from a loan shark.
  • Eddie’s financial success leads him to taking a meeting with financial hotshot Carl Van Loon (Robert DeNiro), who wants his advice on a corporate merger.
  • Eddie starts to hallucinate and get sick when he is off the drug. He suffers a blackout. He soon finds out other people have died from withdrawal from NZT.
  • Eddie fights for his life, surviving attacks from the loan shark and a stalker, thefts, a possible murder charge, and his dwindling supply of NZT-48.
  • A year later, Eddie’s book The Dark Fields (the name of the book the film was based on) has been published, and he is running to be a Senator in the US Senate.
  • Carl visits Eddie at his campaign office and wants to leverage his ownership of the drug company producing NZT-48 over Eddie’s head, but Eddie reveals he has his own labs producing the drug and does not need to stay in business with Carl.
Fast forward a few years and Eddie is now a New York Senator, and has gotten wind that someone named Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) is using NZT-48…

For the rest of that story, you’ll have to watch Limitless – the hot new series – Sept 22 at 10 et/pt on Global!


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