Vivian Makes A Dramatic Return To Days Of Our Lives

Vivian Makes A Dramatic Return To Days Of Our Lives
Vivian is making her return to Days Of Our Lives after leaving the show for six years.

Who is Vivian on Days of Our Lives? Vivian Alamain is the beloved villain who made her debut on the show back in 1992, known for her crazy, over-the-top storylines.

So what does this mean for the people of Salem? She’ll definitely stir things up as you can tell by everyone’s faces when she creepily entered the NYE party on December 29th. You can expect wacky drama and diabolical scheming from the Days vet.

Here’s a few reminders of the wicked things she’s done in episodes past:

  • Buried Carly alive while taunting her in the coffin through a walkie-talkie.
  • Stole Kate’s fertilized egg, implanting it in herself, and becoming surrogate mother to Philip Kiriakis.
  • Killed hospital patients.
  • Drugged Kate’s pilot, causing her plane to crash.

From her time on Days Of Our Lives, she’s accumulated quite a list of enemies, some of which are still on the show – Victor, Kate, and Maggie. Who will be on her hit list this time around?

Still need convincing that Vivian is twisted? Watch this throwback video where she buries Carly alive and maniacally lies on the grave.

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