First impressions of Guy Wilson as Will Horton on Days of our Lives

First impressions of Guy Wilson as Will Horton on Days of our Lives

Fans of Will and Sonny — Salem’s first gay couple — have been paying special attention this week to Days of our Lives, now that there is a new Will Horton in town. From this week forward, Guy Wilson appears on our screens, giving new meaning to internet couple name #WilSon.

They say first impressions are key, but it’s different when your first impressions are going to be immediately compared to your predecessor, in this case, two-time Daytime Emmy Award winner Chandler Massey.

It’s one of those big-shoes-to-fill problems, but Guy Wilson seems poised and confident that he can portray the role “truthfully”, and understands that this marks the end of an old relationship and the beginning of a new one for fans.

Of course, because of the advanced shooting schedules, Guy Wilson has actually been working at the role for about three months now.

In an interview he gave to The Wrap, Wilson talked about his entrance to the show.

He especially credited his co-stars for helping in the transition. Guy Wilson explained that Deidre Hall, who plays Will’s mother, Marlena, was able to let him in on the dynamic that she had built with Chandler.

“Before all of our scenes together, [Deidre Hall and I] sat down about an hour beforehand and just talked. She said, “Look, this is what Chandler and I have developed. These are some of our inside jokes that our characters share, these are some of our little tics that we have.” It’s these little things she explained that really bring relationships — any relationship — to life on screen, so being able to learn about those things, those types of things that Chandler shared with the other characters, has really helped to make me feel like this transition has been as smooth and as fun as possible,” he said.

But perhaps more importantly, Wilson understands the need for chemistry when you’re playing one-half of a couple. Fortunately, he says it was easy to find that spark with his co-star Freddie Smith, who plays his soon-to-be fiance on the show, Sonny Kiriakis.

“…if you’re a part of a romantic storyline and you and the other actor don’t connect, that makes it really difficult. You really have to work extra hard for those feelings to translate on screen. And fortunately, there is no effort for Freddie and I. It was really easy from Day 1 to connect and sort of nurture this new dimension to the relationship between Will and Freddie. I have so much admiration for him, for his integrity,” said Wilson.

Guy Wilson has been making the rounds with smaller parts on primetime series for a few years now, with credits including Bones, Breaking Bad and NCIS, but this is his first starring role on daytime drama (although, he did play teen Luke on General Hospital in 2006).

The reaction online to Guy Wilson’s portrayal of Will Horton appears mixed. Some saying he’s doing a great job and others express their desire to have Chandler Massey return. Guy Wilson says that this kind of thing not only doesn’t bother him, he actually totally understands.

“It can be frustrating when you’re a fan of an actor or the character and it changes, because… people connect with these characters. I certainly don’t take it personally, and if anything, it furthers my admiration for soap fans that they do develop such a connection to an actor or a character,” he told The Wrap.

What has been your first impression of Guy Wilson as Will Horton? Do you think you can grow to love him? How much do you miss Chandler Massey right now?


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